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Gaea, the primordial earth goddess who rose on this day

Gaea has set the date of August first, the Feast of Spes, goddess of hope, for her rise to power. By waking on the Day of Hope, she intends to destroy all hope forever.

Hecate to Hazel Levesque about the Feast of Spes, in The House of Hades

The Feast of Spes, also known as the Feast of Hope or the Day of Hope, is a Roman feast [1] dedicated to Spes, the goddess of hope. It occurs on August 1st. Gaea chose to fully awaken on this day, to symbolically destroy hope, and hence, destroy the mortal world. However, she was ultimately defeated by the Seven and the combined forces of Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter working together.

The Heroes of Olympus

The House of Hades

While meeting with Hazel Levesque, the goddess Hecate reveals that Gaea is set to rise on the Feast of Spes to destroy hope. The Seven plan to stop Gaea's awakening once they have closed the Doors of Death in Epirus.

While Leo Valdez and Hazel Levesque face Pasiphaë in the House of Hades, the sorceress reveals that two demigods - a boy and a girl - will be sacrificed to awaken Gaea at the Feast of Spes in Athens. Should Leo and Hazel survive the rebuilt Labyrinth, they will be chosen as the sacrifices for the Feast. If not, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase will be offered instead. Hazel's abilities lead her and Leo safely out of the Labyrinth, upon which they manage to defeat Pasiphaë. When Percy and Annabeth finally exit the Doors of Death, Clytius decides to take them to Athens instead, but Hecate arrives to assist the demigods in defeating the giant. Once they kill Clytius and regroup outside the crumbling House of Hades, the Seven travel to Athens to prevent Gaea from rising on the day of the Feast Of Spes, while Nico di Angelo, Reyna Ramírez-Arellano, and Coach Hedge deliver the Athena Parthenos to Camp Half-Blood.

The Blood of Olympus

Once the Argo II arrives in Athens on August 1st, Piper McLean uses her singing voice to control the gemini into leading her, Percy, and Annabeth into the ruins of the Parthenon. There, the giants and other monsters are in the midst of performing the ceremony to awaken Gaea. Percy and Annabeth are captured by the giants, as they had been expecting the two's arrival. As Thoon approaches to spill Percy's blood, Piper slices off his wrist with her sword. As she goes to free Annabeth from Periboia's grasp, the giantess tries to stab Annabeth but Piper's charmspeak causes her to miss and stab herself in the palm. Periboia drops Annabeth, who has a gash across the back of her thigh from the knife, and her blood soaks into the earth.


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