Hades creepy!

Hades, the god of wealth

Ferrokinesis is the ability to summon, control and manipulate all precious metals and jewels. This ability is only possessed by Hades/Pluto and his Roman demigod children. 


As the god of wealth, Hades can sense and summon any quantity of precious metals and jewels from under the ground, as well as manipulate them. As a result, Hades is known as "The Rich One", and is the richest Olympian of all. He once offered to build a palace of pure gold for his lover, Maria di Angelo

Children of Pluto

Hazel official

Hazel, a ferrokinesis user

The god of wealth's children also have this ability (though to a much lesser degree), a notable example being Hazel Levesque, who can telekinetically control tons of precious metal simultaneously, as shown when she fought with the Amazons named Lulu and Doris; leaving them buried in a mountain of jewelry and when she lifted all the gold in the Gryphon's nests. Hazel was also able to detect Nico's sword by sensing the Stygian Iron out of which it was forged. 


  • Move precious metals and gems
  • know and feel of precious metals and gems

Users of Ferrokinesis

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