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Octavian, senior centurion of the cohort.

The First Cohort of the Twelfth Legion is the most prestigious cohort. The senior Centurion was Octavian, the augur of Camp Jupiter.

Roman Cohort

A Legion was made of ten cohorts, each one made out of six centuriae of eighty men. Like in Camp Jupiter, the most prestigious one was the first, then the second and so on. Normally the Centurion of the first Centuria commanded the whole Cohort.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Son of Neptune

The First Cohort is mentioned several times. They, along with the Second Cohort, were defeated by the Fifth Cohort during the Roman War Games on Percy Jackson's first night at Camp Jupiter.

Later, when Polybotes went to attack Camp Jupiter with his army, the Fifth and Second Cohort were trying to surround him. However, Polybotes caused the two cohorts to take a severe beating until Percy interfered and eventually defeated him.

Known Members of the First Cohort

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