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The Forces of Chaos refers to the Egyptian Army who help the giant serpent, Apophis, in his destiny to swallow Ra and/or the sun and plunge the world into eternal chaos.


The Red Pyramid

After being inprisoned in an obelisk figting Bast the cat goddess, Apophis finally began his plan to break free after Julius Kane realized the five children of Geb and Nut from the Rosetta Stone in turn freeing all the gods from their prison. As Apophis' prison was only weakened, he manipulated Set into possessing Julius' brother Amos and took Face of Horror to keep an eye on him.

Set sent Serpopards and Carriers to attack Carter Kane and Sadie Kane at the Brooklyn House. They manage to escape with the help of Bast but was later attack by Serqet, goddess of scorpions. They managed to escape her with the help of Zia Rashid but lost Bast in the process.

After reuniting with Bast, the Kane tried to release Nephthys from Zia. The group gets attacked by Sobek, the god of crocodiles, who sided with Set as he will get fresh meat and doesn't trust the other king gods.

At the Red Pyramid, the Kanes discover Amos as Set's host.

The Throne of Fire

The Serpent's Shadow

Known Members






  • A * means they were working for Set, but since Set was an unwilling pawn of Apophis, technically they were too.


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