Fourty-Second Street is a street in Manhattan. It has some of the most famous locations on it. Among these are the Grand Central Terminal and the New York Public Library's Main Branch

The Last Olympian

Fourty-Second Street was the site of the destruction of one of Kronos's more unique monsters. During the Battle of Manhattan, Kronos unleashed the Clazmonian Sow to fly around Manhattan. Percy Jackson (who had one part of a grappling hook around one of the sow's legs) wrapped a rope around one of the arms of the building's statue of Hermes in an attempt to tether the Sow. The momentum of the sow however uprooted the statue. While his plan did not work it gave him an idea. Percy activated the statue giving it orders to "kill flying pigs!" The statue climbed on top of the pig weighing and slowing the Sow down.

The weight of the Statue of Hermes (which had started attacking the Clazmonian Sow) let Percy (who was riding Blackjack) get ahead of the sow and get Blackjack to irritate the beast so that it would follow Blackjack and Percy. Percy had Blackjack land in front of the main gates of the New York Public Library Main Branch where he commanded the two lion statues to activate and "kill flying pigs!" Moments later the Clazmonian Sow landed and was ripped and torn at by the lion statues and beaten mercilessly by the beat up statue of Hermes until the sow was destroyed.