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Frank Zhang's life is tied to a piece of wood. If it burns up, he will die. It was given to him by Juno due to him "having too many gifts."

The Heroes of Olympus

The Son of Neptune

Frank was given the stick by his grandmother before he went to the Wolf House. Frank later gave it to Hazel Levesque for safekeeping.

The House of Hades

Frank asks for it back after Leo gave him a fire-proof bag to keep it in.


  • This idea comes from the myth of Meleager; In Greek mythology, Meleager was a hero and famed host of the Calydonian Boar Hunt. When Meleager the Fates predicted he would only live until a brand, burning in the family hearth, was consumed by fire. Overhearing them, his mother immediately doused and hid the brand. When she found out that Meleager had killed her brother, she placed the brand upon the fire, thus fulfilling the prophecy and killing Meleager. [citation needed]
  • In The Son of Neptune, the goddess Iris told Frank that he would die holding his stick, watching it burn.
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