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“You’re right, Jack. A good sword deserves a good friend.” Frey squeezed my shoulder. “And it looks like you’ve found one.”

–Frey, to his son Magnus in The Ship of the Dead

Frey (.)

Frey (also spelled Freyr) is the Norse Vanir god of peace, fertility, wealth, rain, summer, and sunshine. He is the son of Njörðr and twin brother of Freya.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Frey appears before Magnus for the first time once Magnus is on the verge of death from healing his friend Halfborn. Frey is welcomed with warm arms by Magnus who goes into hugging him. Frey tells Magnus that he will never wield Sumarbrander ever again to which the sword happily agrees. Frey mentions that he will die during Ragnarök and that Magnus is the lost hope for the Nine Worlds. Frey encourages Magnus to contact his cousin Annabeth Chase and gives Magnus an urn containing his mother Natalie's ashes and promises that he will meet Magnus again before he is woken up by his friends.

The Hammer of Thor

Frey is mentioned by Magnus whenever he is using his powers.

The Ship of the Dead

Frey appears at the end of the book to with the other gods, and greets the Big Banana. He tells Magnus that he did a good job. He discusses the "fate of all living things" with the other gods at the Thane's table.


Frey has blond hair that falls to his shoulders, blue eyes, a hawkish nose, a stubbly beard, and brilliant white teeth. He was described by Magnus as a Hollywood Viking that looked more like Thor from the Marvel movies than Thor did. Frey also bears resemblance to his son Magnus, having the same crooked chin and cowlick Magnus always gets behind his right ear.

He is seen by Magnus wearing faded jeans, a flannel shirt, and hiking boots that Magnus thought was his mother's style.



  • Fighting Skills: Frey is a highly skilled swordsman and warrior, as he is destined to slay many giants, even Beli, one of their great generals, during Ragnarök, even though he wields only a deer antler as a weapon. He is, however, destined to ultimately lose to, and perish at the hands of Surt.
  • Harsh Temperature Insensitivity: As the God of Summer, Frey, much like his son Magnus, has a great deal of resilience to both temperature extremes, enough to be completely unfazed by both the intense flames of Muspellheim and the numbing cold of Jotunheim.
  • Seasons Alteration (limited to summer): As the God of Summer, Frey has the same season's alteration powers as Magnus, only to a much greater degree.
  • Alf Seidr (Elf Magic): Frey, as the Lord of Alfheim, is a very skilled practitioner of Alf Seidr.


Demigod Children


Natalie Chase Magnus Chase (reborn as an einherji)


  • Frey's Greco-Roman counterparts (in terms of attributes) would be both Zephyros/Favonius , Demeter/Ceres, and Persephone/Proserpina though he also ironically shares one attribute (wealth) with Hades/Pluto.
  • During the events of Ragnarök, Frey is destined to be killed by Surt (wielding Sumarbrander) the Lord of the Fire Giants, but will slay many giants, even Beli, one of their great generals, before he goes down.
    • Thus, Frey is the only one of the Norse gods destined by be slain by his own former weapon.
  • Both Frey and his sister Freya (as well as Odin's wife, Frigg) are associated with the Fehu Rune.
  • He was the original owner of the Sumarbrander before giving it away to his servant Skírnir.
  • Interestingly, Frey resembles the Marvel movies' version of Thor more than the actual Thor himself does.
  • His current weapon is a deer antler.
  • Many locations in Norway and Sweden are named after him.
  • Like Poseidon/Neptune, one of Frey's sacred animals are horses.
  • In The Hidden Oracle, Apollo mentions having met a smoking hot god in a Stockholm tavern whose sword wouldn't stop talking. The said god is most likely Frey and the weapon is assumed to be Sumarbrander.
Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard
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