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Frigg (sometimes anglicized as Frigga in other versions), is the Norse Aesir Goddess of Prophecy, Marriage and Fertility and the Queen of Asgard. She is the wife of Odin.


Death of Balder

When her son, Balder, had nightmares about his own death, she went to every living thing in the Nine Worlds to have them promise not to hurt her son. She has the word of everything in creation except mistletoe. Loki then tricked Hod into throwing a mistletoe dart at Balder, killing him.

In the Series

When her daughter, Mallory Keen was unknowingly tricked into installing a bomb on a school bus by Loki, Frigg appeared in the form as an old lady and convinced her to disarm the bomb and gave her two knives so she would be accepted into Valhalla.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Loki mentions the Queen of Asgard when he was explaining to Magnus Chase about how and why he was in his current situation due to how he killed Balder.

The Hammer of Thor

The Ship of the Dead

When Mallory sees the old lady who was there on her death, she runs off to pursue her. Magnus, Samirah and Mallory followed the old lady into a train carriage. Mallory, who thought the old lady was Loki, threatens her, but Samirah tells Mallory that it's not Loki. The old lady transforms herself as Frigg and tells Mallory that she is her mother. Mallory is outraged that Frigg would only reveal herself now, but Frigg told her that she loved her and she could see into the future and everything would've lead up to now. Frigg explains to the three what they must do to get Kvasir's Mead, and gives Mallory a wall nut which would trap Loki.


  • Hyetokinesis: As the goddess of rain she has absolute and divine control over it.
  • Precognition: As goddess of prophecy, Frigg can see into the future.


Immortal Children

Partner Children
Odin Balder (deceased; will be reborn after Ragnarök) and Hod

Demigod Children

Partner Children
Mr. Keen Mallory Keen (reborn as einherji)


  • Frigg never cried in her life except when Balder died. She is destined to cry again at Ragnarok when her husband, Odin, gets eaten by Fenris Wolf.
  • Her Greco-Roman equivalent would be Hera/Juno.
    • However, unlike the queen of Olympus, she has demigod children.
  • Like the Egyptian goddess Tefnut, she is a mother and a goddess of rain.
  • She is the foremost goddess of the Aesir and often confused with Freya.
  • Friday was named after either her or Freya.
  • Both Freya and Frey (as well as Frigg) are associated with the Fehu Rune.
  • She is rumored to be Jord, goddess of forest and earth, mother of Thor.
  • Frigg is the first Queen God to have a illegitimate child in the series.
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