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Gale does not like hearing about non-believers and con artists. She herself was once a witch, you see.

–Hecate to Hazel, in The House of Hades

Gale is a polecat. She was once a human witch, but was turned into a polecat by the goddess Hecate. She appears in The House of Hades as a pet of Hecate.


Early Life

Gale was once a mortal witch. According to Hecate, when Gale was still mortal, she had terrible personal hygiene and extreme digestive issues. This, along with her disagreeable personality, prompted the goddess Hecate to turn her into a polecat.

Hecate2 art

Hecate, her owner

The Heroes of Olympus

The House of Hades

Hazel Levesque first catches a glimpse of Gale during her visit of a ruined temple, along with the goddess Hecate and the Labrador, Hecuba (former queen of Troy). Hazel mistakenly identifies her as a weasel, but she is corrected by the Hecate who tells her she is a polecat. According to the goddess, Gale does not like to hear about con artists and nonbelievers in magic, which intimidates Hazel as she knew the goddess was referring to her mother, Marie Levesque.

Gale joins The Seven's journey and Hazel's fight with Pasiphaë. When the sorceress is defeated by Hazel and the goddess Hecate, Gale leaves with Hecate.

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