Germani viria


Germani (singular Germanus), is a Latin name for people who settled down in the Rhine valley. Many of them were friendly to the Romans. Quite a few Roman emperors, including Nero and Commodus used to keep Germani as bodyguards.


According to The Trials of Apollo, the Germani are seven feet tall on average, with a muscular build. They have blond hair and long beards. They also wear snake-shaped tattoos.


They are a warlike people. They enjoy hunting, killing and injuring.

Known Germani


  • This is most likely a reference to the old Germanic people. Some of them were allies of the Romans, while others were enemies. These people were the ancestors of the German, Dutch, English, Scandinavian and other people. Interestingly, old Germanic mythology is quite similar to Norse mythology.
  • Albatrix seems to be a Gaulish name.
  • Alaric seems to be a Gothic name.