Zeus, the Greek god of the sky and the king of the Greek gods.


Juno, the patron goddess of Rome.

Gods are a race of divine immortal beings who control the forces of nature and rule large portions of the Earth. Most gods are described as being part of a family or Pantheon, and they rely on their mortal devotees for worship. Although the word "god" can be gender-neutral and applied to either female or male, the gender-adapted terms for a male would be known as "god", whereas a female would be called a "goddess".  

Gods have an array of powers and abilities, typically related to a specific theme or aspect of mortal life, such as war, love, wisdom, or death etc. Only a small number of artifacts have the power to kill a god. Gods of sufficient power are also capable of killing one another, though such action is usually prohibited within their various pantheons. There are also gods that ARE the earth itself like Gaia and Ouranous, Earth and Sky.

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