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Gryphons are flying monsters that live up north. They tend to collect gold for their nests and even lay golden eggs.


A statue of a Gryphon

The Heroes of Olympus

The Son of Neptune

Hazel Levesque sees a gryphon in a cage when the group is captured by the Amazons. Later, a large group of gryphons attack the train Frank Zhang, Percy Jackson, and Hazel are traveling on. When Percy is carried away by one, Frank shoots it with an arrow, and Percy falls into the nest. Frank also uses his last charge of his spear to make Gray defend the people on the train. While in the nest, Percy holds them off by threatening to crush their eggs. They escape by hiding under a large Hyperborean giant who becomes annoyed by the gryphons and freezes them with his breath.


Gryphons have the body of a lion, with the face and feet of an eagle, beady red eyes, and a long, sharp beak. They also have a pair of large wings on their backs that allow them to fly.


  • Gryphons can fly at high speeds.
  • Their beaks, claws, and talons are extremely sharp.
  • They have a sleek and stealthy design, so they are fast and sometimes hard to spot.


  • Gryphons lay golden eggs and collect objects that look golden.[1]
  • Percy thought before seeing one that a gryphon looked like a lion with wings but said that what a gryphon looked more like a hyena.
  • In The Kane Chronicles, Gryphons appear with slight differences.
  • Gryphons are present in many mythologies, from Egyptian times until modern day.
  • It has still continued to be a favored decorative theme in Archaic and Classical Greek art.


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