But the other thing is: we’re Vikings. We’re pretty bad at following orders. So consider yourself free again.

The Sword of Summer

Halfborn Gunderson was a Swedish mortal before becoming one of the einherjar. He died in the Viking invasion of East Anglia, England. He has been at the Hotel Valhalla for 1200 years.


Early Life and Death

Halfborn was born to an unnamed mother and father in an unnamed fishing village (now named Flåm) in Norway. When he was 12 he joined Ivar the Boneless to become a Viking. He told his mother that he wouldn't return until his heroic deeds would be known to the world. He died during the Viking invasion of East Anglia, England. He later on came to Valhalla.

At some point during his time Valhalla, he and TJ at first hated each other, but Mallory managed to make the two befriend each other. Halfborn has visited five of the Nine Worlds, including Midgard, Alfheim, Nidavellir, and Jotunheim. Over his time at Hotel Valhalla, Halfborn has learnt to knit. Halfborn has also learnt 12 different languages (including English and German), and earned a doctorate in Germanic literature over his time in Valhalla.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Halfborn greets Magnus along with T.J., Mallory and X. They explain what life is like at the hotel before battle practice. During battle practice he is killed. When Magnus flees back to Midgard, he and his hallmates guard them.

He and his hallmates are drafted my Gunilla to arrest Magnus and his friends. They find them as they are about to head to the branches of Yggdrasil, but are stopped by Hearth.

At Lyngvi, they side with Magnus. He fights off the fire giants while Magnus rebounded the Fenris Wolf. After the battle he nearly dies from his wounds, but is saved by Magnus. Back at Valhalla, the eight are brought to the dining hall where X reveals himself to be Odin. He calls the seven of them heroes of Valhalla. He attends the funeral for the fallen Valkyries and begins a relationship with Mallory.

The Hammer of Thor

Halfborn is first seen chasing after his new hallmate with Mallory and T.J. before they run into Magnus. The four investigate their new hallmates suite and find the mark of Loki on one on the pieces of smashed pottery.

Before battle practice, he was seen adjusting his girlfriend's armor, much to her annoyance. As they are about to start the ravens drop a sack containing Alex Fierro, their new hallmate. They are shocked to see that she is female, as they were told that their new hallmate was male. She tells them not to talk about this and they go to battle practice, where Halfborn is sent flying a dragon's tail.

At dinner, he teases Magnus for staring at their new hallmate and tells him that his father had gender fluid priests. After dinner he, Mallory and T.J. escort Alex back to their rooms.

Two days later, he is watching Samirah al-Abbas and Amir Fadlan argue on a rooftop with Alex, now male. He was acting as a chaperone to Alex, who was acting as a chaperone for Sam and Amir. After the Bifrost is visible, he ops out on meeting with Heimdall as he feels meeting with him once is enough.

At the wedding, he, Mallory, T.J., Blitz and Hearth arrive as backup and help fight the giants. After the battle he celebrates in the feast hall and heads back to his room along with T.J. and Mallory.


According to Magnus in The Sword of Summer, Halfborn looks like "Robinson Crusoe on steroids" - with his shirt being a patchwork of animal pelts, his hide pants in tatters and his beard being wild even by Viking standards.


  • Fighting Skills: Halfborn is an extremely skilled warrior, with 1200 years of experience.
  • Pain Tolerance: It is stated that Halfborn is a Berserker, oblivious to pain, with it being claimed that he would fight until "he is literally hacked to pieces."
  • Language Skills: Halfborn has learnt 12 different languages (including English and German), and earned a doctorate in Germanic literature over his time in Valhalla.
  • Knitting Skills: Halfborn has learnt how to knit over his time in Valhalla.


  • Halfborn has a fondness for Native Americans, whom he refers to as Skraelings (vicious fighters).
  • It is possible that Halfborn is a true Viking as his death put him around the time of the original Vikings.
  • He is the only person on floor 19 who's parentage is unknown, as of The Ship of the Dead.
  • He is in a relationship with Mallory Keen.
Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard
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