The Hall of Ages in the graphic novel

The Hall of Ages is a great hall within the First Nome that holds recordings of the memories of the gods and the history of ancient Egypt. They are divided into sections, signified by changes in colors. At the end of the hall is the throne room. The hall itself has an enormously high ceiling held up by stone pillars. A shimmering blue carpet runs down the hall, appearing to be water. Multi-colored balls of flame float around the hall, giving it light. Each year, the Hall of Ages grows to encompass the House of Life's history up until the present.


The following is a brief description of the scenes of the Hall of Ages. For further links, please visit the category for the Hall of Ages Sections.


HOA gold GN

The gold section in the graphic novel

The first section features the creation of the world and the Age of the Gods. It shows Ra coming out of the Sea of Chaos. It also tells the story of Anubis, the Demon Days, Osiris' birthday party, Horus avenging his father, and Sekhmet's bloodthirsty rampage.


HOA silver GN

The silver section in the graphic novel

This features the Old Kingdom, the first great age of Egypt. It tells of the unification of Egypt under the pharaoh Narmer and the construction of the first pyramids by the pharaoh Khufu.


HOA copper GN

The copper section in the graphic novel

Representing the Middle Kingdom, a time of war and when the House of Life reached its 'maturity'.


HOA bronze GN

The bronze section in the graphic novel

The bronze section portrays the New Kingdom and the last age that Egypt was ruled by Egyptians. It includes the reign of Hatshepsut and Ramesses II, as well as Moses's defeat over the House and rule of Nectanebo II, the last native pharaoh.


HOA blue GN

The blue section in the graphic novel

This short and sad section features the Ptolemaic times. As Alexander the Great ruled over Egypt, he made his general Ptolemy the new pharaoh and a new line of Greek pharaohs began; many of the rules seem desperate, apathetic, or lazy. It ends with Cleopatra VII attempting to stop the Roman army and failing. The result was the loss of the Egyptian language and religion. The House of Life was forced into hiding.


HOA red GN

The red section in the graphic novel

This section encompasses more recent history, including Arab and Turk armies riding into Egypt. It includes Napoleon's expedition in Egypt and the construction of the Suez Canal. The last few scenes include Cairo becoming a modern city and the ruins of Ancient Egypt falling under the sand.


The current section is said to be the age of chaos and darkness; its first picture is that of two men struggling in front of a throne. It is later revealed to be Desjardins and Menshikov fighting to push each other onto the super-heated throne of Ra.

Throne Room

HOA throne room GN

The throne room in the graphic novel

In this room is the throne of the pharaoh on a dais. On the steps to the throne is where the current Chief Lector rules in the pharaoh's absence. Located on the back wall behind the throne is a door that leads to the war room.

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