We automatons got have some fun once in a while, right? Those mechanics took us to the de Young Museum and introduced us to these marble lady statues, see. And—

–Hank to Percy, The Titan's Curse

Hank is one of the two Angel Statues from the Hoover Dam. The Angel Statues were a gift to Zeus from Athena, made of celestial bronze. The other is Chuck. They were re-animated by Zeus after Thalia Grace prayed to him for some assistance.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Titan's Curse

Hank saved Percy Jackson, Grover Underwood, Thalia, and Zoë Nightshade from the Skeleton Warriors that were sent after Thalia by the Titan General, Atlas, who was taking part in the Second Olympian War.

He carried Percy and Thalia by hooking his hands on their shirt collars as he flew them to San Francisco. Thalia did not think of it as a very pleasant ride, due to her fear of heights (Percy said they were as high up as mountains as he could kick the tops of the Sierras).

Hank and Chuck were pleased to go to San Francisco, as they stated, "The automatons there know how to party." A man on the hotel they landed on thought they were from the planet Mars and ran away. Later on, the same man is seen trying to convince others of what he saw, but they do not believe him.


Zeus, the god Hank is sacred to.

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