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Hathor is the Egyptian goddess of love, music, and happiness in Egyptian mythology. She is the alternate form of Sekhmet, the goddess of war.


Sekhmet was once the Eye of Ra, but she was too difficult to control and began slaughtering everyone. Desperate to stop her, magicians tricked her into drinking wine, making her believe it was blood. After she passed out, Ra turned her into Hathor, the goddess of motherhood, love, joy, and cows.


One of her most important roles is that as a goddess of motherhood and protector of pregnant women. In the earliest myths, she was the mother of Horus, though Isis ultimately supplants this role. Later myths have Hathor becoming the wife of Horus after healing his eye that had been taken out - the Eye of Horus.

Hathor was originally Sekhmet, but after Ra saw what she was doing, Sekhmet was turned into Hathor.

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

While Sekhmet is hunting Sadie Kane, Carter Kane, and Zia Rashid they trick her into a deep sleep by feeding her salsa. She becomes Hathor.




After she takes her appearance as Hathor, she appears as a sleeping giant cow. Later she is described as a woman with the head of a cow face.


Hathor can make people fall in love. She also created music and dancing.



  • One of Hathor's roles is a goddess of celebration, dance and music. This is possibly alluded to when Hathor appears at the salsa factory, as salsa is a common party snack and a type of Latin American dance.
  • Her Greco-Roman equivalent is Aphrodite/Venus and Muses.