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Helheim (pronounced "HELL-hame") is one of the Nine Worlds and is the land of the dead for those who die outside of battle (e.g., from ailments such as old age and disease). It is ruled by the goddess Hel.


Helheim is a cold, dark lifeless place full of miserable souls who died of old age or disease. To get there, a person has to ride down an icy road into the pitch-black Valley of Death, cross the River Gjoll on an iron bridge guarded by a giantess, somehow make it across the Wall of Corpses and finally arrive at the Hall of Hel.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Loki mentions that the residents of Helheim will join Surt during Ragnarok, to fight against the Norse gods.

The Ship of the Dead

When Magnus, Sam and Alex walk over the gangplank of Naglfar, Alex and Magnus hear the voices of their deceased friends and relatives.

Known Prisoners


  • Though the English word "Hell" roots from this, it is a morally neutral resting place.
  • The characters in Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard frequently use the words 'Hel' or 'Helheim' in place of the English 'hell', even in curse words. The goddess Hel doesn't like this.