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Heloise was the pet Gryphon of Britomartis and the former mate of Abelard.

The Trials of Apollo

The Dark Prophecy

Heloise along with Abelard, was captured by the forces of Commodus and placed in Indianapolis Zoo for the emperor's upcoming naming ceremony, where the griffins and several other animals would be killed.

Britomartis tasks Apollo and Calypso with going to the zoo to rescue the griffins. Upon finding the griffins, the two discover that Heloise is preparing to lay an egg. Soon after, Lit arrives to kill Apollo, but is stopped by Meg McCaffrey, who battles him. Whilst this is going on, Apollo and Calypso are able to free Heloise and Abelard. The group along with Meg, escape Lit and the zoo and return to The Waystation.

Apollo later plays music to Heloise to help her lay her egg.

Heloise is later killed after Commodus and his forces attack the Waystation. Apollo mourns her death before going to confront Commodus.


Heroise is very protective over her egg and can be aggressive if it comes to its safety. She doesn’t trust easily but if she does then you are honoured. She loves her mate dearly and didn’t deserve to die.




Named after the the 11th century French nun who had an affair with Peter Abelard.

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