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Hemithea, also known as Emmie, is the former princess of Naxos and a retired Hunter of Artemis, along with her wife, Josephine. Both of them, together with their adopted daughter Georgie, are the current caretakers of the Waystation, a safe haven for refugee demigods, satyrs, and all sorts of immortals. Emmie is known to have a history with Apollo, as it was he who turned her and one of her sisters immortal.


Hemithea was born in the ancient times, as a princess of Naxos (the largest of the Cyclades island group) under the name Molpadia, along with her two sisters - Parthenos and Rhoeo, the latter of whom was one of Apollo's lovers. Their father, king Staphylus was a demigod son of Dionysus, and was said to inherit all of his divine parent's worst traits; he frequently abused his power over his family, throwing outbursts of rage over the smallest of details.

One day, Hemithea and Parthenos broke one of Staphylus's finest wine amphorae and the drunken king ordered them executed. Terrified, the sisters ran towards the cliffside, and threw themselves into the sea, begging Artemis for mercy and rescue. Instead, it was Apollo who saved them (as he misheard the sisters asking for his help) and sacrificed a portion of his own divine essence to turn Hemithea and Parthenos into minor goddesses. Sometime later both sisters followed their dream and joined the Hunters of Artemis. During her service there, Hemithea met and fell in love with her fellow Huntress, Josephine. Both decided to part their ways with Artemis on good terms in 1987, and live their regained mortal life together.

The Trials of Apollo

The Dark Prophecy

Emmie first appears as she rescues Apollo, Leo Valdez, and injured Calypso from a trap set by the Blemmyae. She shoots Nanette between the eyes, and decimates the rest of the headless monsters with swiveling crossbow turrets. After the fight, she recognizes Apollo and Calypso, commenting how similar the latter is to her half-sister, Zoë Nightshade. She then offers to treat all of their injuries at the Waystation


Emmie is a caring woman who treats her family and those who stay with them with respect. 


Emmie is a woman in her sixties with long gray hair kept in a braid. 


  • Archery: Emmie has spend thousands of years honing her skill as an archer during her time as a hunter. When she left she retained what she has learned.


  • Emmie is the fourth LGBT character to be introduced in the series.
The Trials of Apollo
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