Hercules the titular character.

Hercules Busts Heads is a godly television show starring Hercules.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Sea of Monsters

When Hermes meets Percy Jackson on the beach of Camp Half-Blood, Hermes tries to convince him to go on the quest to the Sea of Monsters, even when told not to. Hermes asks Martha for the first package, and she opens her mouth and spits out a thermos. The thermos depicts images of Hercules fighting off the Nemean Lion and lifting up Cerberus. Percy questions what Hercules was doing on the thermos, but Hermes cuts him off and explains that the thermos is from the first season of the show, Hercules Busts Heads. Hermes comments that it was a great show that used to air on Hephaestus TV, back before it was all reality programming. Hermes also states that it would be worth a lot more if he had the entire lunch set, with George commenting that it would also be worth more if it hadn't been in Martha's mouth.


  • In the UK edition of The Sea of Monsters, it is spelt as Heracles Busts Heads, which is the original Greek spelling of Hercules.