Hermes' Shrine is located in Tartarus in a sheltered depression shaped like a moon crater. It also can be used as a path of communication between Tartarus and Camp Half-Blood.


Hermes' shrine is a ring of broken, black marble columns surrounding a dark stone altar.

The Heroes of Olympus

The House of Hades

While roaming in Tartarus, Bob takes Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase to the place where the shrine was located. Percy was astonished when Bob tells him that it a shrine dedicated to Hermes. Iapetus tells that it fell long ago from the mortal world or maybe from Mount Olympus. Monsters used to steer clear from the shrine. Bob remembered this place because he had been imprisoned in Tartarus for aeons. Annabeth was afraid that he might also start remembering his old prison and life which scared her.

Annabeth has a dream that the Athena Parthenos must be taken to Camp Half-Blood by a Roman. When she wakes up, she sees that Bob was munching on a pizza. Percy guesses that they were burnt offerings from the mortal world. There was also half a hot dog, some grapes, a plate of roast beef and a package of peanut M&M's. While eating the roast beef, the two realize that it's the same sweet glaze as the barbecue at Camp Half-Blood.

Annabeth has an idea that if offerings can get sent down to Tartarus, they can be sent back up. She uses Riptide as a pen to write a message on a napkin and on the outside she writes:

Give this to Rachel. Not a prank. Don't be a moron.
Love, Annabeth"

Afterwards, Bob burns the message with silver flames from his spear on the altar and it appears in the barbeque pit at Camp Half-Blood where it is retrieved.


Annabeth Chase, who wrote the note to Connor.


  • It is shown for the first time that burnt offering reached the altars of the gods.
  • It is also possible that only Hermes' altar could deliver messages back to Camp Half-Blood as he was the god of communication.
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