Honir (in some version Hœnir) is the Norse Aesir god of indecision, avoidance and Mystery. Honir was a simple-minded god and along with Mimir was sent to live with the Vanir. He was briefly mentioned by Mimir.


  • Hoenir crater, a crater on the moon Callisto, is named after him.
  • Legend has it that he is one of human creators with Odin and Lodour; sometimes he and Lodour are called Vili and Ve respectively.
  • His Greek equivalent is Epiphron (prudence), Sophrosyne (self-control, restraint, discretion) and Phoebe, Titaness of Mystery; his trait of indecision and mystery also resemble Janus, Roman God of Choices, and Hecate, Greek Goddess of Crossing.

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