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Per Ankh

Symbol of the Per Ankh

The House of Life, also known as the Per Ankh, is an organization of Egyptian Magicians, founded by the God of Learning, Thoth.


In ancient times, each temple in Egypt had a branch called the House of Life. They could perform amazing feats with magic and could call upon the power of the gods. In modern times, the organization has become global and operates out of three-hundred and sixty nomes worldwide. The House is primarily operated in the First Nome, specifically the remains of the ancient Egyptian city, Heliopolis. Young magicians are trained here. At age thirteen, they are assigned to a specific nome and typically leave the city. The Chief Lector of the House of Life also resides within Heliopolis, sitting at the foot of the pharaoh's empty throne. Normally, initiates must start training by the age of thirteen, and after spending three years in the First Nome under Cairo, Egypt, they will be assigned to one of the other districts around the world to keep an eye on rogue monsters, Demons, and gods.

The House's former goal during the reign of Iskandar and Michel Desjardins, was to keep gods from surfacing in the real world and destroying godlings, such as Sadie and Carter. It is unknown what its goal will be now since Amos has changed the rules against gods and since Apophis is gone. The House also for the first time since the fall of Egypt now has a Pharaoh to rule it: Carter Kane, though he intends to leave the day-to-day matters to Amos.

Known Members

*Julius Kane (formerly)

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