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He was quite extraordinary.

Favonius to Jason Grace and Nico di Angelo, in The House of Hades

Hyacinthus, also known as Hyacinth, was a divine hero who was loved by both Apollo and Zephyros. While playing a game of quoits with Apollo, Hyacinthus was killed by a jealous Zephyros. In his grief, Apollo refused to allow Hades to take Hyacinthus. He transformed the mortal into a flower, which became known as a hyacinth, named after him. As a penitence, Zephyros is forced into the service of the god of love, Eros.

The Heroes of Olympus

The House of Hades

While trying to retrieve Diocletian's scepter, Jason Grace and Nico di Angelo meet with Zephyros, still in the service of Eros. Zephyros, in his Roman aspect Favonius, provides an explanation as to why he serves the god of love. He recounts the story of Hyacinthus. Jason is initially surprised by Favonius's falling in love with a man, but he recovers quickly.

The Trials of Apollo

Hyacinthus is mentioned many times in the newest Riordan series, which focuses on the god Apollo. As one of the two true loves—some may argue the greatest—in Apollo's history, it was natural that he be somewhat prominate in the story. Apollo continuously grieves for the loss of Hyacinthus, as he is constantly reminded of him everywhere he goes while in human form.[[Category:Males]

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