Hey, Piper, does your tribe run this place? Do you get in free if you do a rain dance?

–Isabel, making fun of Piper, in The Lost Hero

Isabel is the leader of the popular clique of girls at Wilderness School.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

Isabel attended the wilderness school alongside Piper McLean, but constantly teases her for various reasons, mostly because of her Native American heritage and her lack of knowledge of her mother. When with her group of friends, Jason Grace expressed desire to "beat her up", but is halted by Leo Valdez, as Piper does not like others fighting her battles.


Isabel's clique wears matching jeans and pink shirts and cover themselves with make-up. According to Jason, Isabel looked like "an owl with a makeup addiction."

Piper McLean

Piper, a girl Isabel made fun of often.


Her attitude is similar to the behavior of Drew Tanaka, Piper's half-sister. She is known to make fun of Piper because of her Native American background, showing her racist attitude, and seems to be a bully. She may also not be very smart as Piper said "she needs half a brain cell to know the difference" between the two tribes.