Isfet means "injustice" and "wickedness". It's the opposite of Ma'at, which is order. Isfet is an abstract concept. Both concepts can't exist without each other.[1] At the bottom of the symbol, a figure which vaguely looks like a giant serpent can be seen, which could refer to Apophis, the manifestation and embodiment of chaos itself.


In Ancient Egypt, the pharaoh was supposed to achieve Ma'at, which means he/she had to keep and protect justice and harmony by destroying Isfet.

Ancient Egyptians thought they had to be cleansed of Isfet in order to be reborn in the Duat

The Kane Chronicles

The Serpent's Shadow

Isfet is mentioned at the start of Serpent's Shadow when Apophis leaves the burning hieroglyph on a grassy field following his attack on JD Grissom's King Tut exhibit. Isfet is the force that pulls Carter and Zia Rashid toward the Sea of ChaosCarter describes Isfet as a blazing hieroglyph which no magician would ever write. Later when the magicians are fighting Apophis, Carter sees Isfet inside the snake's hood.

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