Joe Bob is a Laistrygonian giant who, along with Marrow Sucker and Skull Eater, was part of the group of giants that infiltrated Percy Jackson's school in The Sea of Monsters posing as visitors from Detroit.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Sea of Monsters

While undercover, they were recruited by Percy's new bully Matt Sloan to play against him in a dodgeball game. During the game, they transformed and attempted to kill Percy. Joe Bob himself would have succeeded had Tyson and Annabeth not been around, who aided Percy in defeating Marrow Sucker and Skull Eater, as well as all the other giants. Joe Bob, who can arguably be named the most intimidating giant of the fight, was the last standing and having knocked Percy's Cyclops friend, Tyson, out, was only prevented from accomplishing his mission by the timely arrival of Annabeth Chase who, using her invisibility Yankees cap, snuck up behind him and disintegrated him with her knife, sending him to Tartarus, from which it is assumed that he has not yet returned. Also, the book never allows you to meet Babycakes, whose identity remains mysterious.


Joe Bob is described as a typical Laistrygonian giant except for a tattoo on his biceps that states 'J.B. luvs Babycakes'. His continued ranting throughout the fight also insinuates that he has some sort of pet named Babycakes, although what type of pet this may be is unknown, possibly a monstrous dog or a hellhound of some sort. Otherwise, Babycakes could be his girlfriend, though no more information is gathered towards either theory.


  • Joe Bob is the only Laistrygonian giant described in detail.
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