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Jotunheim (pronounced "YO-tun-hame") is one of the Nine Worlds, more specifically the one inhabited by the Frost and Mountain Giants (otherwise known as the Mountain Jotnar).


Jotunheim is primarily mountainous with great drifts of snow and frozen rivers and lakes.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Magnus Chase and Samirah al-Abbas sail to Jotunheim to find the sea goddess Ran, whose attention they hope to attract by fishing for the World Serpent Jormungand. They also travel there with Blitzen and Hearthstone to find Thor and find out where Fenris Wolf is located.

The Hammer of Thor

Magnus, Sam, Blitz, and Alex Fierro visit Jotunheim to compete against Utgard-Loki in his bowling alley palace, Utgard Lanes. They win and get information about where Thrym's wedding is and how Loki manipulated many events.

The Ship of the Dead

Magnus, Mallory Keen, Halfborn Gunderson, Thomas Jefferson Jr., Hearth, and Blitz take off on the Big Banana through Jotunheim.

9 from the Nine Worlds

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