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Jason's Gladius

Jason's imperial gold gladius

The Mark of Athena 1

Jason with Juno's gladius, on the cover of The Mark of Athena

Juno's Gladius is a Roman gladius made of Imperial Gold previously owned by Hera's Roman form Juno. It is able to be willed into an Imperial Gold javelin.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

Jason's magical coin, Ivlivs, was destroyed in a quest to save Hera from Gaea. However, after the quest was finished and Hera was released from her cage, she appeared before Jason. Hera, who felt responsible for Jason's loss and being his patron, gave Jason her sword.

The Demigod Diaries

The Quest for Buford

Jason was preparing to use the weapon to fight the Maenads when they were looking for Buford, Leo's table, in the woods.

The Mark of Athena

Jason uses his new gladius as his primary weapon as the quest group of the Prophecy of Seven sets out. He is shown to be able to direct lightning through the weapon when he blasts Percy Jackson off Blackjack. He also crosses the gladius with Riptide at Fort Sumter, allowing himself and Percy to combine their powers to produce a massive storm.

The House of Hades

Jason continues to use the sword during his quest to reach the House of Hades in Greece. At one point he drops it in the middle of a lake while fighting a giant turtle, but it is retrieved by Hazel Levesque with little effort.

The Blood of Olympus

While fighting the undead at Ithaca, Jason discovers that he can will his sword to change into a six-foot-long javelin.

Disadvantages compared to Ivlivs

There is the disadvantage of being unable to disguise itself as something more common, like a coin, which Ivlivs disguised itself as.


  • Since Jason receives the gladius at the end of The Lost Hero and does no harm to the Maenads in The Quest for Buford, the first known use of the weapon in combat is against Percy Jackson at Topeka 32.
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