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Erginus was a mythological king of Minyan Orchomenus in Boeotia, in the same area as modern central Greece. He was the father of Agamethus and the step-father of Trophonius.


Erginus once led his army in a battle against Thebes, whose army was led by Hercules. Erginus's army lost. Hercules spared Erginus's life. Later, he got married and fathered Agamethus. He brought up Agamethus and his step-son Trophonius along with his wife.

Trophonius and Agamethus grew up to become renowned architects. Once, however, they became greedy and decided to steal gold from the treasury of King Hyrieus. Agamethus got stuck in a trap in the process. The brothers decided that Trophonius cut off and disfigure Agamethus's head so that the Hyrieus couldn't figure out the identity of the thieves. They did this to prevent Hyrieus from attacking the much weaker kingdom of Erginus, besides preventing dishonor to Erginus's name.

The Trials of Apollo

The Dark Prophecy

Apollo saw the story of Erginus, Trophonius and Agamethus in a dream.

The Trials of Apollo
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