Did...did we win?

–Leneus to Grover Underwood at his death, in The Last Olympian

Leneus was a Satyr and former member of the Council of Cloven Elders. He died during the Second Olympian War, with the mistaken idea that the Olympians couldn't have won the war without him.


Leneus was an old, fat satyr that held a seat on the Council of Cloven Elders. He was one of the satyrs that did not believe Grover Underwood's story that the lord of the wild Pan had died. Later he came around to Grover's side and helped in the battle for Olympus. He died during the battle and was reincarnated as a laurel tree much to Grover's envy. Grover planted him on Olympus and later took his place on the Council.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Battle of the Labyrinth

Leneus was against Grover's claims that the great god Pan had spoken to him. Chiron convinced him and the rest of the council (Silenus and Maron) to allow Grover a week to find Pan. Later, when Grover returned saying that Pan was dead, Leneus voted to exile him. The council ended with a tie vote and the satyrs split into groups, some following the council while others followed Grover.

The Last Olympian

Grover Underwood

Grover, Leneus's successor.

Percy Jackson finds Leneus in the forest after following Mrs. O'Leary the Hellhound talking to Nico di Angelo and Grover's girlfriend. The wood nymph, Juniper, grills Leneus for information on Grover's whereabouts and trying to convince him to help in the war. Leneus does not know where Grover is and shows great displeasure about being around Mrs. O'Leary, so Nico takes her for a walk. Leneus also says he will not fight in the war. Percy becomes angry with his unwillingness to help, saying that Kronos will kill everyone, not just the demigods, gods, and humans. He then gives him a push, causing him to fall over, and Percy tells him that if he is truly a leader, he should lead. Leneus gets back up and runs away. Nico comes back a moment later and tells Percy that he must of really scared him as Leneus left a trail of "goat pellets." Later, Leneus comes around and aids in the battle against Kronos' army. He seems to think he is the savior of the world. He dies in battle and is planted on Olympus, reincarnated as a laurel. Just before Leneus's death, Grover tells him the Titan Army was scattered, mainly because of Leneus.


Leneus was a callous and extremely narcissistic hypocrite: he criticized Grover and went stubbornly against the idea of Satyrs entering the Titan War, but when Percy persuaded him to join he claimed he had decided to on his own and even - incorrectly - labelled himself as the hero of the battle. Leneus believes that his status as a member of the council entitles him higher than it actually does, and pathetically tries to use his titles to his own advantage in a condescending way. Percy mentions that the satyr's sanctimoniousness and blatantly obnoxious behaviour makes him want to attack Leneus.

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