This article is a comprehensive list of locations in the Kane Chronicles. There are a great variety of locations in the Kane Chronicles. They are traveled to and from, not only through portals, but other means as well.

A map for the locations of The Red Pyramid can be viewed at the Kane Chronicles UK site at Explore the Map.

North America

  • Washington, D.C., USA - (home to the Washington Monument, the biggest obelisk.)
  • Memphis, TN, USA - (city in which Thoth now resides)
  • New Orleans, LA, USA - (where Anubis transports the Kanes, Bast, and Khufu)
  • El Paso, TX, USA - (through which the Rio Grande passes and where the Kanes and Bast battle Sobek)
  • Dallas, TX, USA - (the 51st Nome, formerly home to a copy of The Book of Overcoming Apophis)
  • White Sands, NM, USA - (missile testing site, where Sadie has a dream vision of Geb.)
  • Toronto, Canada - (the 100th Nome, former home of a copy of The Book of Overcoming Apophis)

South America

  • Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil - (Cleo's old home)


  • London, UK - (city in which the Fausts reside and the 9th Nome)
  • Paris, France - (city of Desjardins and the 14th Nome)



  • Tokyo, Japan - (234th Nome, former home of a copy of The Book of Overcoming Apophis)
  • North Korea - (the 300th Nome and where Kwai was banished)


  • 360th Nome - (a punishment assignment, where Sarah Jacobi and several other magicians were banished.)

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