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Lityerses (also known as Lit) was the son of King Midas and brother of Zoe. In ancient times, he challenged people to harvesting contests and beheaded those he beat and is known as the "Reaper of Men."


In Greek mythology, Lityerses was the son of Midas. He used to reap the corn and had an enormous appetite. Whenever strangers passed his field, he gave them plenty to eat and drink and then challenged them to a harvesting contest and beheaded those he beat. During one of these routines, Hercules won the contest and killed him.

According to Iliad (v.860), Midas' son was indeed Lityerses. However, in some variations of the myth, Midas had a daughter, Zoe instead.

The Phrygian reapers used to celebrate his memory in a harvest-song which bore the name of Lityerses. The song for Lityerses was, according to one tradition, a comic version of the lament sung by the Black Sea people, the Mariandyni for Bormos, a son of wealthy man.

Theocritus in his tenth Idyll gives a specimen of a Greek harvest-song addressed to Demeter, which is called 'the Song of the Divine Lityerses'. In this song, there is no mention of the legend; it is indeed only an ordinary reaping-song.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

Leo Valdez, Piper McLean, Coach Hedge, and Jason Grace meet Lit and Midas after Festus crash lands and the group sneak into a house to rest. Midas and Lit walk into the room and Hedge tries to beat them up, something that Jason sends him out of the room for doing. Jason is shown to be a little jealous of him when Piper gives him a smile and when Lit keeps trying to get her attention. Soon after Hedge leaves, Midas turns Leo and Piper to gold and Jason says he wants to fight Lit instead. Lit agrees and begins to fight Jason, however Jason's fighting style is so different that Lit is beaten by Jason. Midas goes to help his son up, but unintentionally turns him to gold. Jason then calls down a bolt of lightning that destroys the roof. Rain water falls into the room and turns the statues of gold back to flesh. Jason however tosses a rug over the golden statue of Lit, hopefully preventing him from returning to flesh until after Midas' captives were done with him. 


Lit has muscular arms that are covered in scars. He has dark curly hair with a face that would have been handsome if it wasn't so sliced up. He was dressed in pajama pants with a sleeveless T-shirt that said "Cornhuskers."


Midas, his father.


  • In The Lost Hero, Lityerses is first seen wearing pajama pants with a sleeveless shirt that said Cornhuskers and held a sword that looked "like it could husk a lot of things besides corn."
  • Midas said that Lityerses' mother insisted on his name, despite that Midas thought that it was a horrible name.
  • Jason described his fighting style as all offense, no defense.
The Heroes of Olympus
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