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Lulu is one of the Amazons who started following Otrera when she came back from the dead.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Son of Neptune

Lulu is one of the guards who were watching Percy Jackson and Frank Zhang's cages, which are situated on top of a storage aisle, sixty feet high, in the air. Along with Doris and an unnamed Amazon, they were under orders from Otrera. When Kinzie brings Hazel Levesque to her cell, Hazel notes that the three guards are looking at small black tablets (possibly a laptop which Hazel calls "secret Amazon technology"). Kinzie stops Hazel in front of a crate of silver bracelets, and orders Doris and Lulu to take her to her cell. As Kinzie walks away, Doris grabs Hazel's arm as Lulu simply watches, until Hazel goes limp and Doris calls her over to help. Lulu walks over and takes Hazel's arm, but is instantly pushed over the side of the catwalk by a tidal wave of silver friendship bracelets. Hazel prevents them from falling to their deaths by keeping them suspended in the air using the bracelets and orders them to pass up their Amazon cards, which they do. The third guard runs off when Hazel threatens her, to sound the alarm. Hazel then sets Frank and Percy free from their cells using the one-click Amazon cards and the trio of demigods escape.

The Heroes of Olympus
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