Every day - or what passes for day in this lightless place - the Maeonian drakon re-forms and attacks me. Killing it is my endless task.

Damasen to Annabeth Chase, in The House of Hades

The Maeonian drakon, also known as Draco Maeonius, was a drakon, originally of Lydia, that attacked the village of Maeonia (in modern-day Turkey). After it killed his friend, the giant Damasen slew the monster. Because of this, his mother Gaea imprisoned him inside the depths of his father's realm, Tartarus.


Around the time of the first Gigantomachy, the Maeonian drakon attacked the village of Maeonia (in modern-day Turkey). The naiad Moria's brother Tylus accidentally touched a serpent, which then attacked Tylus, coiled round his body and suffocated him; Tylus was not his first victim. Moria only could helplessly watch her brother die, but then Damasen, a Giant son of Gaea, arrived on the spot; Moria implored him to help and he killed the serpent, hitting it with the trunk of a tree he tore out of the ground. Then a female serpent, the slain monster's mate, appeared and used a magical herb, referred to as "Zeus' flower", to bring the dead serpent back to life. Moria then used the same herb to revive her brother.

Damasen's killing of the drakon was an act his parents could never forgive. Gaea opened up the Earth and imprisoned him inside his father's realm, Tartarus. The Protogenoi allowed him to continue farming, but he was never allowed to see the sun or the stars again; it was their way of showing him how meaningless his life was. While in Tartarus, he was given the endless task of slaying the Maeonian drakon.

The Heroes of Olympus

The House of Hades

After Percy Jackson sustained injuries too much for his healing abilities, the Titan Iapetus led him and Annabeth Chase to the area where Damasen lived. When they got there, the Maeonian drakon attacked. Annabeth asked if there was any way they could stop the creature but Iapetus replied that they could not. Annabeth then tried to tell Iapetus to get Percy to safety, while she distracted it. But Iapetus stated that there was no need, and as he said it, Damasen arrived and destroyed the monster, complaining that there were not enough bones, although commenting that its skin would be good for the outhouse.

After telling the demigods about his eternal fate, Damasen headed out to fight the drakon once more, believing there is no hope for him. However, after they leave, Damasen decides to change his fate and tames the drakon rather than killing it. Taming the drakon breaks his curse and the two mortal enemies charge into battle in the heart of Tartarus to save Percy, Annabeth and Iapetus. Its unknown what happens to the drakon, but like Damasen and Iapetus it was likely destroyed and consumed by Tartarus.


According to Annabeth, the drakon was actually a beautiful creature. Its hide was green and yellow, like "sunlight through a forest canopy," and its eyes were the same shade of sea green as Percy's. Annabeth described it as easily as long as a subway train. She described it as a regal and amazing monster.


  • The Maeonian drakon is believed to be rooted in Lydian mythology.
  • Despite drakons and dragons being very diverse creatures, the Maeonian drakon's Latin name, Draco Maeonius, translates to "dragon of Maeonia."
  • Annabeth's Sword is made from one of the drakon's bones. 
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