Magic Problem-Solving 101 is a class that Carter Kane teaches at Brooklyn House. The class is called Whatever Works by the students. The trainees show up to the class and are given a scenario, such as being attacked by enemy shabti. The trainees can solve the problem any way they want, except with penguins. When they finish, they can leave. It isn't much like real school, but it works for Carter and the students. The known regular attendees to this class are Felix, Walt, Jaz, Alyssa, and Julian.

The Kane Chronicles

The Throne of Fire

The class was interrupted by a three-headed snake sent by Apophis. Carter acted like he had planned it, but it shook the trainees and Carter badly.


  • Penguins are not allowed in this class due to Felix's obsession; presumably, this is to make him try other forms of magic, and not simply throw penguins at everything.