Magical Locations are locations that can only be seen by demigods and clear sighted mortals. It is distorted for normal humans, who can only see what they can interpret.

Known Locations

Atlantic Ocean Poseidon's Kingdom
Empire State Building, NY (600th floor) Olympus
Mt. Talampais, CA Mount Othrys, the Titans' Former Base
Long Island, NY Camp Half Blood
Central Park, NY Door of Orpheus
Near San Francisco, CA Camp Jupiter
Pike's Peak, CO Aeolus' Kingdom (rest stop)
Los Angeles, CA The Underworld
Las Vegas, NV Lotus Hotel and Casino
USS Intrepid in NY Ares' Temple
Quebec City, Quebec Boreas' Kingdom
Bermuda Triangle Sea of Monsters
New Jersey Lair of Medusa, Titan Base Camp
Gila Claw, AZ Junkyard of the Gods
Mt. St. Helens, WA Typhon's prison
Underground, Everywhere in USA The Labyrinth
Hoover Dam, AZ & NV Winged Statues
Hubbard Glacier, Alaska Alcyoneus' base
Georgia Aquarium, GA Keto's and Phorcys' location


Each of the books in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and The Heroes of Olympus series (up until the The Mark of Athena) focused on a major location in Greek mythology and its current location in America.

Locations (CHB)
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Cities, States, and Towns: Alaska | Bar Harbor | Bologna | Chicago | Detroit | Gila Claw | Indianapolis | Jamestown | Montauk | New Mexico | New York City | Palm Springs | Quebec | San Francisco | Dalmatia | Vancouver | Venice | Westport
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