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My name is Magnus Chase. I’m sixteen years old. This is the story of how my life went downhill after I got myself killed.

The Sword of Summer

Magnus Chase is a sixteen-year-old, formerly homeless teenager who lived in Boston, Massachusetts.[1] He is the Norse demigod son of Frey[2] and Natalie Chase, as well as the cousin of Greek demigod Annabeth Chase. After dying and becoming an einherji, he lives his afterlife in Hotel Valhalla.


Magnus was born on January 13,[3] 1995. When Magnus was six years old, his mother and uncles got into an argument at Thanksgiving, while Magnus had no idea what the argument was about. He never saw his uncles or his cousin Annabeth Chase again.

When Magnus was eight, he and his mother went on a vacation to Mount Washington in New Hampshire where they hiked to the top and had a park ranger take their picture. In the second grade, he had a teacher who taped his left hand to his desk in order to force him to write with his right hand, this caused his mother to yell at his teacher. When Magnus was ten, he cut his left palm on a hunting knife, which left a deep scar. At age twelve, he had his first kiss with a girl named Jackie Molotov, which happened behind the bleachers at a school dance.

When Magnus was fourteen, his mother was murdered by several "wolves with glowing blue eyes" (sent by Fenris Wolf). His mother ordered him to stay away from his Uncle Randolph before her death, an order which Magnus dutifully obeyed. Since then, he has been living on the streets. Magnus became friends with two homeless people: Hearth and Blitz, commonly known as his mother and father.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Blood of Olympus

While not mentioned by name, Annabeth Chase mentioned her uncle and cousin that lived in Boston (whom she never saw because her father and uncle would not get along) to Percy and Piper before the three fought the Giants in Athens.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Magnus is a sixteen-year-old who lives in Boston, Massachusetts. He has been homeless since his mother's death two years prior to the series. While sleeping under a bridge, Magnus is woken up by Blitz,[4] a fellow homeless man, who warns him of the flyers going around that feature both his name and face. Magnus immediately senses something is wrong and, as a precaution, packs his sleeping bag. He learns that these strangers are in fact his cousin and uncle, Annabeth Chase and Fredrick Chase.[5]

After overhearing their conversation, Magnus learns that his Uncle Randolph Chase told them that Magnus had been missing for two years, but didn't tell Annabeth and Fredrick until now. Magnus also learns that his life is now endangered, which is why they are looking for him. Magnus decides to visit his Uncle Randolph's place to search for answers. While in the house, Magnus goes to his Uncle's office to find more clues. While searching in his office, Uncle Randolph comes up behind Magnus and tells him that his life is in danger and that he needs to quickly come with him to escape somewhere. Magnus agrees after he hears loud bangs that are slowly getting closer to the house.

Once in the car, Randolph reveals that he believes the Norse gods are real and that Magnus is the son of a Norse god. They reach a pier where Randolph tells him to go towards the water, call a sword that he believes has been stuck there for many years, and claim it as his own. Magnus successfully retrieves the sword, but is attacked by Surt, who wants to destroy Magnus and take the sword. Blitz and Hearth intervene before Surt can attack Magnus, but quickly succumb to his powers. After seeing his friends hurt, Magnus decides to attack Surt himself. While protecting those on the pier, Magnus make a last stand and manages to toss Surt into the Charles river. Magnus dies quickly after.

Magnus dreams the girl he saw earlier carrying him above 'The Gap' and telling him to hold still or he'll fall in. Magnus wakes up in a courtyard perfectly okay with his clothes cleaned and no sign of his injuries. When attempting to leave the room, the doorman Hunding comes to get him. Magnus is taken to the front desk where he meets Helgi, the hotel manager who tells him he'll be staying in Hotel Valhalla forever or until Ragnarök. Hunding takes Magnus to his new room and tells him that his Valkyrie will come for him.

His Valkyrie, Samirah al-Abbas, walks in and introduces herself and tells him she is taking him to dinner where all the other heroes are. The two walk down to dinner where Magnus's death is shown, though it is edited to look like he died in a murder-suicide. The Thanes debate this while Sam defends Magnus until the Norns appear and recite a prophecy to him while showing him the feru, the symbol of Frey. After the Norns leave the thanes debate and dismiss Samirah as a Valkyrie.

Once Magnus is back in his room, he showers and finds a note from Thomas Jefferson Jr. slid under his door that tells him to come to the lounge for breakfast. Magnus goes to breakfast to meet the rest of his hall mates. Once meeting them they explain that he can leave the hotel, but it's not recommended because he would freak out people in the human world. After breakfast they all head down to training together where Magnus sticks with his hall mates and desperately tries not to get killed. Once T.J., Halfborn, and X have been killed, the rest of the einherjar gang up on Magnus, who lets out a scream and disarms most of the einherjar. Moments later he is hit in the face with an ax and dies.

Magnus dreams of the man in the Red Sox jersey, who Magnus now identifies as Loki. Loki tells Magnus that he has eight days to find the Sword of Summer. Magnus then wakes up and answers his door when Gunilla knocks and offers to give him a tour and threatens him.

Back in his room, Blitz and Hearth fall out of a tree outside of Magnus' window. The two tell him they were watching him, keeping him safe, and that they need to get him out of the hotel. An alarm goes off, signaling the giant squirrel has found them. While running away from the squirrel, the trio go down the recycling shoot that takes them back to Midgard. The three end up at Fenway Park, where Blitz tell Magnus that their boss told them that he was a son of Frey and to watch him. They give Magnus his obituary and tell him his funeral is tonight, to attempt to find the sword he died with.

When they reach the funeral home Hearth stands watch while Magnus gets the sword. When Magnus finds his old body, he searches the coffin for the sword but it is not there. While he is trying to leave, a shocked Annabeth walks in. She offers to take him to a safe place, but he declines. Annabeth gives Magnus her phone number and tells him to call her if he needs anything. Once outside, Hearth is attacked by something. Hearth then signs his assault and points out his attacker, Sam, is across the street. While following Sam, they end up by the river. Sam is after the sword to prove her innocence. The four go to an underground sewer, where Blitz pulls a severed head out of his bag and throws it into the water. It rehydrates and is revealed to be the god Mimir. Mimir explains Magnus haz a destiny and figured he could be used for the good of the worlds. Mimir tells them that Fenris Island is only accessible on the first full moon of the year. Mimir disappears after they are finished talking.

The four head to the food court in the transportation building. After Sam and Magnus order and wait for their food, a pigeon, Big Boy, threatens to make the falafel shop close forever if he does not give them information on the sword. The pigeon says that the sword was swept up the Charles River and was picked up by the sea goddess, Ran. In exchange for the information the pigeon, asks Magnus to get him a golden apple from the sea goddess.

When they get to the dock they find the frost giant Harald who denies his boat to Hearth and Blitz, but lets Sam and Magnus take it. The two groups agree to meet at the library later. When they go to the bait storage shed they pick out a giant bull head and drag it on to the boat before the set out to sea. While at sea he asks Sam what Big Boy meant when he called Amir her 'intended', after she told him a little about her life. When they cross into Jotunheim they throw the bull head into the sea and wait. When they get a massive bite Sam helps him reel it in and stops Harald from cutting the line. When their catch breaches the surface, Sam introduced Magnus to her big brother. Harald pleads with them to cut the line and release the world serpent. Eventually the sea goddess Ran comes to the surface to demand they stop, as she can not scavenge on the ocean floor. They say they will let Jormungand go, but only if she barters with them. She agrees and they cut the line. When Magnus asks her for the Sword of Summer, she says she will give it to them in exchange for Magnus' soul. Magnus then threatens to summon the sword which will tear her net and release her treasures. The duo leave for the Library.

When Magnus reaches the public library he turns the sword into a white runestone pendant with a black Fehu on it. Big Boy then appears and asks for the apple, then morphs into a Jotun and reveals his name to be Utgard-Loki. Blitz tells Magnus they will go to his home world in the morning by climbing Yggdrasil. The three meet up with Sam at the public gardens by duck statues. Blitz explains that this is the easiest place to get to the world tree, but tells Magnus he must do it. As he goes to the next duckling Gunilla is across the river with two other Valkyries and his hall mates. Sam, Blitz and Hearth stall while Magnus finds the right one. On the fourth duck Magnus uses his sword and opens a rift. The four land on the world tree and follow the sword to their destination. Ratatosk the squirrel appears and attempts to attack them. Sam and Hearth hide under her hijab, while Magnus and Blitz go into a vanishing knothole.

The two end up wandering across the field, Folkvanger, where they are greeted by fallen warriors. Blitz tears him to an upside down ship where they meet the goddess Freya, who reveals herself as Blitz's mother. Freya tells them to go to Nidavellir to get her a new pair of earrings and that there is a dwarf who could make them a new rope to bind the beast if Gleipnir breaks, which is very likely. She tells them that they have until January 22 to find Fenris Wolf's island. The two go to Nidavellir and head to Nabbi's tavern where Blitz tells the bartender they want to contact Junior. Junior challenges him to a 'traditional' crafting contest with the usual rules. Junior leaves and Hearth and Sam come to tavern where explain what happened.

Magnus, Hearth, and Blitz show up at the contest. After making three items, the contest is declared over and the judges decide the winner. He sees Sam and wants to scold her for being late, but does not when he sees that she has a black eye and swollen lip. He asks her what happened and she says it was nothing too serious. Blitz wins and requests Junior give them the earrings and rope they asked him for, and tell them where Fenris Wolf's island is. Junior says that Thor might know where the island is. Junior sees Sam and calls her out as a shapeshifter and claims she cheated; he orders the four to be killed before they run for it. While running, Blitz is taken in a golden net to his mother. Magnus readies his sword, which talks, startling everyone. The sword fights the dwarves on its own. They meet up with Hearth who takes them to a river leading out of Nidavellir. When the dwarf mob approaches Magnus turns the sword, Jack, back into a pendant and collapses. Sam and Hearth support him when they jump into the river.

Magnus dreams he is on Naglfar with Loki. The trickster tries to convince Magnus to give up his search for the wolf's island, and states that he convinced his daughter, Hel, to take Magnus in to her domain.

As Loki said, Magnus wakes up to a goat giving him mouth to mouth. He finds and heals Sam and Hearth, The goat introduces himself as Tanngnjóstr, but says to call him Otis. He says his master is Thor and he was separated from him. Magnus summons Jack to track the god. While Otis takes them to Thor, Sam tells Magnus about Hearthstone's past. Otis then tells them they were unconscious for about a day, much to their shock. Then they meet up with Tanngrisnr, who goes by Marvin, and tells them that Thor is drowning due to a giantess and that if the trio fail to save Thor he will kill them. After Magnus saves Thor using Jack, Thor offers him and his friends to stay for dinner.

Over dinner Thor explains that his hammer Mjølnir has gone "not officially" missing and asks Magnus to check to see if giant Geirrod has it. Blitzen rejoins the group. While going to the giant's home, Hearthstone summons one of Sleipnir's sons, Stanley, to help them pass a cliff. When at the house, they see a caged swan that Sam recognized as Gunilla. The quad try to negotiate with Geirrod's children for Gunilla and for Thor's weapon. After failing to reach an agreement, Magnus uses Jack to kill the giants, while Blitz and Hearth rescue Gunilla and aid Magnus out of the room. They meet Geirrod in the hall where they ask him for Thor's weapon and says he will only give it to them if they survive a game. While the game is going on, Thor comes in and takes the weapon and "sends them where they need to go".

When Magnus lands on bunker hill, he is greeted by Hel. Hel offers Magnus a chance to come with her to Helheim to be with his mother, if he agrees to abandon his quest. He says that that is not what his mother would want and he says if he sees the goddess of death again, he will cut her in two. She then vanishes and he suddenly appears five stories above an asphalt roof and falls. The duo leave to find Blitzen and Hearthstone, who are at Long Wharf with rides to Lyngvi Island, where Fenris Wolf is.

Once on the island, they find the wolf. Magnus tries to restrain Jack, who is destined to cut the wolf's ropes. Soon after Gunilla arrives with two other Valkyries and his hall mates. Gunilla tries to get the quad arrested, but the hall mates turn against her. Surt and the fire giants arrive to claim the sword and kill everyone. After Magnus successfully uses Jack to retie the ropes, he runs in to battle and sees Surt kill Gunilla. Enraged, Magnus throws Jack who creates a rift that sucks the fire Giants to Muspellheim. After defeating the enemies, they all get on a boat, where Magnus goes to aid Halfborn Gunderson, who is dying. Magnus uses the last of his strength to revive Halfborn and passes out. When Magnus wakes up he is greeted by his father, Frey, who he immediately hugs. Frey congratulates him for rejecting Hel's offer. Frey says that Magnus has accepted his fate and that the Sword of Summer is now his. Before Magnus leaves Frey gives him his mother's ashes and the flyer Annabeth gave him tells him to contact her. Magnus wakes up in the Hotel's lobby and is summoned to the feast hall.

When he and the others arrive at the feast hall he explains to the thanes about what he has done on the quest. When he finishes the thanes say that his actions were heroic but since he left with out permission he must be punished. X then speaks up and reveals himself to be Odin. Odin offers him a chance to either relocate to Folkvanger or return to the land of the living. The son of Frey says he is happy at Valhalla and wishes to remain there. Odin gives him and his friends full access to all of the nine worlds.

The next day he, Sam, Blitz and Hearth attend a funeral for the fallen Valkyries. He says he will visit them from time to time and goes to meet Annabeth. He and Annabeth scatter his mother's ashes on the Blue Hills. The two try to mend the bond between their two families and agree to tell each other about their lives.

The Hammer of Thor

After not seeing Sam for six weeks, Magnus meets her for coffee at the Thinking Cup. She is about to tell him about an informant that will meet them until she is alerted that a hero is about to die and leaves. He grabs a table and is soon greeted by Otis. The goat tells him that they might know where Mjølnir is, namely in Provincetown, where it is being guarded by a Wight. Before Otis can say more he is hit with an ax and dies before he can be healed. The Son of Frey sees the assassin and goes after him.

During the chase the assassin warns Magnus not to go to Provincetown, then topples off the bridge and disappears. Magnus then returns to the café to find Sam, with a black eye, wondering why Otis is dead; he explains what happened. Sam then describes how her father Loki is making life difficult for her at home, that the giant have become more restless and are preparing to invade Midgard.

Sam then states that they will need Blitz and Hearth, who are hiding in one of Mimir's safe houses. Magnus then asks why he has not been told any of this and Sam responds by saying that he needed to spend his time training, because he will need all his skill in order to survive the mission. Before Sam leaves Magnus realizes that she got her black eye from the enherji she saved. She says it will be explained at dinner and that it came from her brother.

Magnus then walks back to one of Valhalla's Midgard entrances and gives espresso beans to the homeless on the way. He then enters the hotel to see Helgi, the hotel receptionist, dressed in taters. According to Hunding, the newcomer did that to him. Helgi is in a bad mood because of it and tells Hunding to floss the dragon's teeth. Before he leaves Magnus gives him an espresso bean from the Thinking Cup.

He arrives to floor nineteen, to have a cheetah run over his foot. Following behind it are his hallmates, who seem to be chasing it. According to T.J it is their new hallmate, who had s shapeshifted into a cheetah. Apparently it moved into X's old room and completely destroyed it. When the group shows Magnus the room he is surprised to find that it has a design similar to his. The room is filled with pottery with the symbol of Loki covering all of them. Before they can answer Magnus's questions about the room's appearance, the lunch horn rings and they say they will tell him at the table, but Magnus tells them that he has something to check first.

He then goes to his room and summons Jack for some advice. As Jack answers his questions, T.J arrives in the room to remind Magnus that it is time for the battles to begin. As they arrive for the battle they find Mallory Keen and Halfborn arguing. As they calm down, a raven flies by and drops a sack in front of Magnus. Inside is a weasel, which transforms into a young teenage as T.J is planning on eating it. The teen's appearance seems familiar to Magnus. The new einherji introduces themself as Alex Fierro, who is at that moment a girl. This news shocks the group as they believed that she was male that morning and that her appearance didn't seem like a male or female. Magnus stares at her when she reveals this information, as to him she definitely looked like a male a minute ago but now definitely looks like a female.

During the battle, Magnus gets a vision and pain sent to him by Loki through his uncle. Loki tells him to come to a wedding in five days if he wants the hammer; the god of evil then sets Magnus to self-destruct before Alex decapitates him. He then dreams that his severed head is with Hearth and Blitz, who are asked by Mimir to protect someone. After that he sees two giants talking about a wedding and Thor's Hammer. He then wakes up in his room, much later then usual, and is summoned to the feast hall by ravens. At dinner he tells his hallmates about his dream and Halfborn teases him for staring at Alex. After dinner he talks with Sam about her upcoming wedding and they agree to go to Provincetown to get the hammer.

The next morning he meets Sam after breakfast and they head to Provincetown where they meet Blitz and Hearth. They tell Magnus that they were hiding in one of Mimir's safe houses; after learning that Blitz might die on the mission he becomes worried but is reassured by the dwarf. They find the wight's tomb and fall in to it. After Hearth breaks his ankle in a fall Magnus heals the elf. They find an iron coffin and he asks Jack if he senses the Hammer. After they open the coffin the corpse of a king opens his eyes. The Corpse introduces himself as Gellir, Prince of the Danes. He thanks them for freeing him and orders his body guards to kill them. After they take care of old business, the zombies advance on Magnus and his friends. They fight the draugrs and win, and when they realize this was a trap, Loki and Randolph appear. Magnus is shocked to learn that his uncle and Loki are working with each other. He is shocked and enraged when Loki puts Sam in a coma. He learns from Loki that the Chases are descendants of Norse kings, and that only the men of his family can wield Snoknung.

He also learns that Loki can send pain to him through Randolph. As Loki orders Randolph to attack, he leaps in thinking Sam is the target, realizing at the last that moment that Blitzen was the target. In a fit of rage, Magnus attacks his uncle, disarming him of the sword and his pinky and index fingers. He tries to heal Blitz but is unable to. He takes Snoknung and keeps it for himself, and Loki tells them to find the Snoknung stone in Alfheim. After Loki leaves he opens up the cavern, petrifying Blitz to give him more time. 

At the Provincetown Airport, he watches over Sam while she prays. Moments later Sam's flying instructor, Barry al-Jabbar, along with Amir comes in to meet with them. After they load Blitz on the plane, they take off to Alfheim. As they are about to take off, Barry is possessed by the goat assassin. He tells them to go to Jotunheim after they are done in Alfeim. When they reach cruising altitude he reassures Amir that Sam is the Sam she's always been. He, Hearth and a petrified Blitz jump out of the plane and head to the world of elves.

They land in the yard of the Makepiece family. Hearth gives him sunglasses to block out most of the sunlight. On the way to Hearth's house they are stopped by two police officers. They ask them if they trespassed on the Makepiece property. Once Magnus tells them Hearthstone is deaf, they realize who he is and take them to Hearth's father, Alderman. When they arrive at Hearth's family home, he is surprised by the size and appearance of the property. They are greeted by Inge, one of the house's staff. When Alderman arrive he lets the police know that Magnus is a son of Frey, the officers apologize and leave skidishly. He invites Magnus and his son in. As they sit and talk in the living room. He requests that they borrow the Snoknung stone, which Alderman does not allow. But he is willing to let them have it if Magnus stays with them for a few days, attends some parties, and takes pictures with Alderman. He reassures Hearthstone that he supports him. Alderman then calls Inge to show them to Hearth's old room. Magnus is shocked by Hearthstone's living conditions. He learns why his friend must pay his wergild, as he and Hearth wonder what to do. Inge suggest they rob the Careful One, a dwarf living in Alfheim with enough gold to cover the hide. Magnus and Hearth reluctantly agree. That night, Magnus dreams of Randolph, his family, Sam and Amir on Randolph's yacht. Then it shifts to Alex Fierro yelling at Loki; after that the trickster god tells Magnus to come to the wedding. Then he sees Thor destroying a mountain and tells Magnus to get his hammer back. In the Morning Inge tells them where to find Andvari. Before they leave he teases Hearthstone about her liking him.

They search the forest until they come across the well where Adiron died, then move on. They eventually find a promising waterfall and Hearth summons a rune that causes the river to explode. Magnus summons Jack who explains that as a side effect of the rune, the wielder becomes aggressive for a short time. Magnus becomes worried about the fish and reads their minds to find the dwarf. He succeeds and brings him to the surface. Andvari changes into his true form and threatens to kill them. After a brief struggle, Andvari gives them his gold and the ring. He warns them that the ring is cursed and to be careful. Magnus and Hearth take the gold to Alderman. They arrive back to Alderman's house and dump the gold on the rug. He finds one hair showing and threatens to take half the treasure if they do not finish it now. Magnus shows him the ring and warns him about the curse to no avail. Alderman tells them to stay for a party he is throwing in Magnus' honor. He gives them the Skofnung stone and they unpetrify Blitz and use the stone to heal his wound. They fill him in and are glad he is fine. Inge then comes in and tells them the Party has began. They see Alderman talking and tossing bits of the treasure at his uneasy looking guests. Magnus is shocked when he tells him that the son of Frey is his permanent guest. After he declines he orders the Nøkks, water spirits, to kill all the guests. They play violins to make everyone die of heartbreak. He commands Jack to attack them. After Hearth breaks the windows, Magnus yells at the guests to flee. When the police that took them to Alderman start to fire at them he has Jack distract them. When they reach the well, they cut open a rift to another world.

The three of them land in a stairwell. He notices Hearthstone is injured and heals him. He gives the Skofnung Stone to Blitzen and he and Hearth head to his place for the night. He heads to the roof to find Sam, Amir, Halfborn, and Alex. He learns that Sam has been trying to get Amir to see the Bifrost bridge. He gives Amir a pep talk about seeing the rainbow bridge until they see it. They are called up it by Heimdall. He helps Amir onto the bifrost after Sam and Alex, and is told by Halfborn to be ready for them when he meets Heimdall. The four of them soon encounter Heimdall and explain their quest to him. He agrees to help them. Magnus and his companions learn that giants are planning to invade Midgard after Thrym's wedding and they are not allowing any aesir or vanir, so that none of the gods can take the hammer back. Heimdall also informs him that Randolph is going to attend. The guardian of the bifrost also shows them a message from Utgard-Loki telling them to come to him if they want to succeed. Heimdall dissolves the bifrost from below their feet and lets them fall to Midgard close to the transportation center, where Amir offers to cook them a late meal. He, Sam, and Alex discuss what to do about Utgard-Loki. When Amir comes out they eat and continue to form a strategy. When they finish they call it a night.

After retrieving the Skofnung Sword from T.J., he and Alex head to Randolph's mansion. When they arrive they search it for clues about where the wedding might be. While they are looking, Alex tells him why she/he changes her gender and what Loki did with her family. They find a picture of Bridal veil Falls in New Hampshire with a wedding invitation to it. They conclude that this is the entrance to Thrym's lair for the wedding and leave to tell the others.

The two of them meet up with Sam, Blitz, Hearth, and Stanley at the park. Magnus gives the sword and stone to Sam for safe keeping. He, Alex, and Blitz ride Stanley to Jotunnheim while Sam flies Hearth. They make their way to the world of giants were they hit a tree. Moments later they discover the tree is a shoelace for a giant named Tiny. Tiny points them in the direction of Utgard-Loki's bowling ally and tells them to bring his bowling bag with them to show that they are friendly. He leaves them at that before they see the massive bowling bag. At this point Magnus considers giving up until Blitz says he can use magic to shrink the bag. He says he needs to borrow Jack and Magnus' hair, much to his shock. Alex starts to tease him about it until Blitz says he needs the blood of a shapeshifter, much to Alex's shock. The Son of Frey reluctantly agrees. While Blitzen and Jack are working, he and Alex stand watch. He heals Alex's infected wound and learns a little about her. After Blitzen finishes and demonstrates the bag, Magnus grabs a hold of Jack and passes out. The next morning the three set out for Utgard Lanes. When they arrive he spots and calls out to Utgard-Loki, and the sorcerer shows them that he has Sam and Hearth. After that they claim guest rights and return Tiny's bag. The king of Jotunheim returns their friends to them. He explains that in order to get the information they need, they must compete in tasks to prove their worth or die trying. Magnus and his friends talk about what to do when Utgard-Loki appears before them. He tells them that he does not want Thrym to marry Sam because with the support of Loki he can become king of Jotunheim and invade Midgard. The group lets Sam compete in an ax throwing competition with a child giant, and she deduces that the child is fear itself and the next competition is held. After Hearth beats a giant at pinball and Blitz improves a giant's appearance, he and Alex are teamed up in a bowling match against two giants, they start and their balls stop short of the pins while the other team bowls with ease. Alex finds out that their line is rigged and leads to the white mountains in Midgard. At this Magnus bowls in their opponent's line and dents it. They look concerned until Tiny says their lane is unbeatable. Magnus has an idea that, with Alex's help, the two can dispel the portal and tie the game. They try and succeed with Magnus looking into Alex's memories. He and Alex both bowl a strike and tie the game. Their friends congratulate them and they request five minutes with Utgard-Loki to tell them what they want. The giant king tells them of Loki's true plan, to use Thrym's wedding to Sam as a way to get the Skofnung Sword and Stone to free himself. He gives them two options, die at this moment or find the hammer themselves. Soon after that the giants give chase.

Before they can be killed by the giants, they are saved by the goddess Sif and taken to her home. She promises them a trophy that can give them a free meal at any Asgard restaurant. She tells them to tell Thor about the information they learned about his missing hammer. They meet with the thunder god and tell him what they know. Thor is thinking of way to get his hammer back until Alex volunteers to be the bride. Everyone is in shock but they agree to it as it is the best option on a tight schedule. Thor offers to shelter him, Sam, and Alex. While Hearth and Blitz head to Valhalla to recruit einherjar for the assault. The next morning he heads to breakfast where Sam and Alex are waiting. As Alex is lead away to get ready by Sif, he and Sam have a conversation and he tells her she is the bravest person he knows, she in turn invites him to her real wedding. He is amazed at how Alex looks and is teased by the child of Loki. As Sam is getting dressed Sif dresses him in an old fashioned white and gold tuxedo, much to the amusement of Sam and Alex. Sif then sends them on their way.

The three meet up with Marvin and Otis. Magnus helps Sam and Alex onto the chariot and they set off for Bridal Vail falls. Their they meet Thrynga. She leads them down a long passage into a barroom. Once they arrive Thrynga orders the bar to be cleaned up, during this time Magnus, Sam, and Alex see if they can find the hammer before the wedding. He and Sam keep food from hitting Alex during the feast. During this time he notices that Thrynga has a plain of her own. After that Thrym opens a passage to Loki's prison so that he can be a part of the wedding. On the way to Loki's prison, he asks Thrym if he fully trusts Loki. Thrym tells him that he does, but only to get revenge on the Aesir for slaughtering his family. When they reach the chamber of Loki, the bound god asks for the sword and stone. After he sees that all are who they should be, he tells Thrynga to release their special guest, Randolph. As his uncle requests the sword and stone, Magnus seems hesitant until he has no other choice but to do so, however he tells Randolph that he still has living family. Soon Alex reveals that she is not Sam and starts to kill Thrym, he summons Jack and Thrynga starts to attack Magnus. They both land in a pool of discarded venom and the giantess grabs him by the neck. Before he can dissolve or suffocate, he grabs Sam's ax that is embedded in the giantess's side and hits her in the head with it. Soon Blitz, Hearth and his hall mates arrive and attack the giants, however Randolph frees Loki during the fight. He watches as Loki kills the snake that has tortured him for the last millennium. As the trickster urges them forward, the son of Frey knows that he and his friends cannot defeat him. As the gods arrive Loki flees. He tries to save Randolph, but he falls into a cavern leading to Helheim. He is treated by Vidar for his ribs and he asks Heimdall about his uncle, he responds that it is better he not know his uncle's fate. He checks in with Sam and Alex, who are angered by the outcome of the battle and shaken up respectively. Thor invites them to Valhalla for a feast.

Back in Valhalla, he and his friends are too distracted by Loki's escape to enjoy the party. As they are about to head back to their rooms, Helgi asks them to come to his office. He tells them that despite Loki escaping, Ragnarok can be delayed if he is captured and bound again. Magnus and his friends are tasked with this quest. After meeting with Helgi, he invites Hearth and Blitz to spend the night with him. Blitz reassures him that Loki escaping was not his fault. In the morning Sam slips Magnus a note inviting him for coffee. Before he goes he meets with Alex to ask how Loki's commands have no effect on her. Alex states that she makes the power her own. He meets Sam and she tells him what the ravens have told her: that they must head for Scandinavia by sea in the middle of summer. She also tells him that after Loki is recaptured, she well retire as a Valkyrie and lead a normal life. She apologizes for taking him to Valhalla, and he says that it is the best thing to ever happen to him. When he is done he goes to meet his cousin.

Magnus and Annabeth meet up in New London. She tells him about a fallen god and Roman emperors trying to destroy the world. He tells her that they need to get to Scandinavia in midsummer. Annabeth tells him it is time he met her boyfriend.


Magnus is a teenage boy with hair parted in the middle, hanging to his jawline in a curtain of tangled, dirty blond. He has gray eyes, much like Annabeth's, which have a haunted, scary emptiness to them, a look that had served him well when he'd lived on the streets. Initially, Magnus was quite scrawny, with a concave chest, sticking-out ribs and very pale skin, to the point that his blue veins were clearly visible. He also had a scar of his left palm, where he'd cut himself on a hunting knife as a child.

However, after gaining an einherji body after his death in The Sword of Summer, Magnus, while still lean and pale, became considerably more muscular, with his arms being better-defined, his skin smoother, less translucent, with all the scars, rashes, nicks and bites that came from living on the street completely disappearing.

According to his mother, Magnus resembles Kurt Cobain,[6] though he also bears striking resemblance to his father, Frey. As of The Hammer of Thor, Magnus no longer has long hair, having cut it to finish Tiny's bowling bowl bag, but he still bears a resemblance to Kurt Cobain.


Magnus is witty, caring, smart, sneaky, and has a funny, sarcastic sense of humor. He is also really street smart from living on the streets for two years. He feels he has an obligation to protect those in danger, like he did on the Charles bridge while facing Surt. However, he is somewhat cynical and shares Percy's tendency to make snide remarks both internally and vocally. He initially cannot stand the fact that he was turned into an Einherji and being dragged into his fate as a son of Frey and being forced into a world he knew nothing about until recently, but gradually grows more accustomed and comfortable with his new life to the point that he respectfully declines Odin's offer to let him live a human life again. Despite living on the streets and being forced to eat out of dumpster bins to survive, Magnus is also rather health conscious, showing incredible disgust upon learning that dwarves evolved from maggots to the point that he's unable to say it comfortably. Unlike most demigods, he lacks a natural combat instinct, but is instead much better at thinking and talking out his problems (such as his negotiations with Ran for Sumarbrander), much like his cousin Annabeth. Nevertheless, like most demigods he is often forced into situations where he has to shoot first and ask questions later, which he shows great flexibility in tactics and is a good reflexive thinker.


  • Alf Sign Language: Magnus is fluent in ASL, which he always uses while communicating with the deaf Hearthstone.
  • Survival Skills: Magnus learned how to survive in the wilderness from his mother. She taught him how to start a camp fire, navigate by the stars, and how to pitch a tent.
  • Wit: Magnus has shown that he is a quick thinker, such as when he was able to barter with Ran for Sumarbrander.
  • Intimidation: In the Hammer of Thor Magnus was able to threaten Andvari into revealing his treasure. He has also mentioned that his grey eyes helped create a haunted emptiness which was useful on the streets.

  • Alf Seidr (Elf Magic): As Magnus is the son of the Lord of Alfheim, he is able to use Elf Magic.
    • Disarmament: Magnus can disarm anyone in his surrounding area of their weaponry, this is also called 'The peace of Frey'.
    • Healing: Magnus can heal both himself and others from wounds at incredible rates. As a side effect, he glows after healing someone, which is much more noticeable in dimly lit areas.
  • Seasons Alteration (limited to summer): As Magnus is the son of the god of summer, light and warmth, he can change the area around himself into summer.
    • Photokinesis (limited): Magnus can generate sunlight.
    • Thermokinesis (limited to heat): Magnus, as the son of the god of warmth, can increase the temperature around him in a certain radius.
  • Harsh Temperature Insensitivity: Magnus has a great deal of resilience to both temperature extremes, since he was able to sleep outdoors in the winter with nothing but a thin blanket without a problem, and was unfazed by Surt's flames. However, he isn't completely immune, since Surt managed to kill him by impaling the demigod with a red-hot sphere of steaming asphalt, causing Magnus' organs to slowly burn away from the molten tar in his gut.
  • Telepathy: In the Hammer of Thor, Magnus was capable of reading the minds of the distressed fish in the water and was able to determine which one was Andvari, in the form of a fish.
  • Portal Manipulation: In the Sword of Summer, since Frey is the god of growth and fertility, Magnus could manipulate the worlds trees and branches, and with jack was able to open a portal to the world tree. He did this again to banish Surt back to Muspellheim and to escape Alfheim. He is also capable of dispelling the portal that the giants had placed in his blowing lane that led to the White Mountains.
  • Geokinesis (limited): In the Hammer of Thor Magnus was capable of collapsing an underground ceiling in order to turn Blitz into stone. This may be limited to only revealing light sources, as Frey, god of growth, represents how living things broke through the earth to reach the light.
  • Enhanced fishing (limited) : In the sword of summer, when magnus had unleashed the world serpent, it was revealed that the reason the boat didn't capsize was due being the grandson of Njord, God of fisherman, sailors and ships. This allowed Magnus to capture the biggest catch on the planet, without the boat capsizing, or the line breaking, both highly likely outcomes. This ability is however weak because he's only the grandson of Njord.

  • Enhanced Strength - After gaining a new einherji body, Magnus gained a degree of superhuman strength, to the point that he could punch through the wall of his room in Valhalla without much effort. He is strong enough to rip a lamppost from solid cement. Later in the Hammer of Thor, Magnus developed his strength after 2months of training. This allowed him to jump out of a 30 foot hole.
  • Einherjar Immortality - while within Hotel Valhalla, Magnus, like any of the einherjar, cannot die, and will simply keep resurrecting from mortal wounds. Due to his healing abilities, however, Magnus resurrects even faster than most other einherjar.
  • Enhanced Agility: after gaining an einherjar body, Magnus has become much more agile, as he was able to leap down from the roof of the Boston Public Library with ease.

Magical Items

  • Sumarbrander - Magnus' sword, formerly owned by his father, Frey, is said to be the sharpest sword in the Nine Worlds.
  • First Sword - a Hotel Valhalla sword, which he later gave to Ran in exchange for Sumarbrander.
  • Training Sword - Magnus was given a replacement for his first sword that he uses for practice as Jack does not do it with him.
  • Shield - a circular green shield, with the golden Fehu Rune in the middle.


Love interests


Alex, Magnus's love interest.

When they first met, Alex in the form of a cheetah ran over his feet. She also decapitated Magnus in order to save him during one of the battle games. Magnus also was initially confused when he get to know Alex was genderfluid and transgender and started staring at her when she revealed it to everyone. But subsequently they started getting comfortable with each other as both of them have a sarcastic attitude, both were homeless at some point in time and they both come from rich families which they chose to leave and ignore, thus Magnus can relate to her experiences. Magnus was also the least doubtful of Alex's motives when she came to in Valhalla. By the end of The Hammer of Thor, the two einherji had become close friends.

Some warmth could be developing between the two as it could be seen when he kept staring at her. He also had said that when she smiled the temperature rose by 5 degrees when they were in Randolph's mansion. Following that she made him wrap his arms around her waist when they were about to ride Stanley, though this could have been simply to ensure his safety. Finally, he was staring at her when she was dressed in bridal attire by Sif in her palace.

In The Ship of the Dead, Alex and Magnus become closer, and flirt with each other, somewhat, throughout the book. When they were traveling through the Ice Realm, they huddled in pairs to stay warm. Alex chose Magnus because he’s ‘warm and summery’. As they are walking through, Alex stops abruptly, as Magnus tells her to keep moving. She then turns to him, under the blanket they had, and kissed him. She said, “I wasn’t going to die without doing that” and continued forward. In the Thunder Dome, Alex pretends as if it never happened, and continues to treat Magnus like before. Sam then asks Magnus whether he was going to talk to Alex about the kids, as Magnus was apparently bad at keeping it a secret. Magnus avoids the question, and Sam, Alex and Magnus set our for the Ship Of The Dead. Alex suggests holding hands, but as Hearthstone cast an invisiblity tune on them, Sam purposefully doesn’t hold Magnus’s hand. He states that it isn’t probably because of religious reasons, but just to have Alex and him to hold hands, saying that he could ‘hear’ her smiling. When flyting with Loki, Magnus changes directions and starts to compliment his friends. As he reaches Alex, she states “Saving the best for last”. Magnus then unintentionally blurts out that Alex Fierro kissed him and it was the greatest thing that ever happened to him. Later when sailing back, Magnus goes over to talk to Alex, where she states that she needs time to think. Magnus, confused about her phrasing of the sentence, asks Hearth, who also doesn’t know. Back at Valhalla, Magnus takes off his shirt as it’s covered it chocolate, causing Alex to intrude, saying “You may want to close the door before you start changing”. After some small talk, Alex once again states that he doesn’t know yet and starts to walk out the door, when he turns around and goes back to Magnus, kissing him once more. He again says that he doesn’t know, winks, and walks out the door. This leaves Magnus in shock as half of his brain was questioning his sexuality, and the other half was fangirling. Magnus then opens up the “Chase Space”, a place for homeless teens, with Alex, Hearth and Blitz also co-running. As the home celebrates the 4th of July, Magnus and Alex were on the roof terrace watching the fireworks. Alex then grabs Magnus’s hand, holding it in hers. She states that this is nice, however Magnus is unsure about which part. Because he feels that everything was nice, he agrees.



Blitzen, Magnus's friend.

Blitzen watched over Magnus for two years along with Hearthstone under Mimir's orders. The two tried to protect him from Surt. When Magnus discovers that his mother is Freya, his father's sister he is initially shocked. He defends Blitzen when Junior mocks his family and gives him a pep talks during the crafting competition


Hearthstone, Magnus's friend.

Hearthstone watched over Magnus for two years along with Blitzen under Mimir's orders. The two tried to protect him from Surt.

During The Hammer of Thor when he and Magnus(and a petrified Blitzen) visited his old home in Alfheim to retrieve the Skofnung Stone from Alderman, Magnus helps Hearthstone to pay off his wergild after learning about his past.


Samirah, Magnus's friend and Valkyrie.

At first Magnus disliked Samirah for choosing him to become an einherjar, but after the quest of retrieving Sumarbrander, the two grew closer after Magnus learned about Samirah's past. Magnus even considers Samirah as the closest thing he has as a sister along with Annabeth.

Sword of Summer-Jack

Sumarbrander or Jack, Magnus' companion

At first Magnus thought that Sumarbrander was just a regular weapon, but after Freya tells him Sumarbrander's past and that it had "special abilities" Magnus began to speak to it and treat him as a regular person. Sumarbrander then thanks him and Magnus renamed him as "Jack."

Magnus respects Mallory Keen, Halfborn Gunderson, and Thomas Jefferson Jr.. When they refuse to arrest him he admires that and saves Halfborn's life. With in a few weeks he felt enough trust in them to tell them about his dreams of Loki.


Magnus was close to his mother. She taught him survival skills. Before she was killed Natalie told her son to stay away from his uncle Randolph.


Magnus's father

When Magnus first met his father he hugged him, much to the surprise of them both. He congratulated his son on rejecting Hel's offer. Before he left Frey gave Magnus his mother's ashes.

Annabeth Chase-Viria

Magnus's cousin

The two played together when they were younger. In The Sword of Summer, when Magnus died she attended his funeral and she saw him as an einherjar she hugged him out of happiness. They later meet at the blue hills to skater his mother's ashes. The two then tell each other about their lives.

Magnus and Annabeth meet once more at the end of The Hammer of Thor to exchange stories once more. Annabeth tells Magnus that its time she should meet her boyfriend.

Magnus had mixed feelings for his uncle. While he did not fully trust him he did want to keep him safe because they were family. When he found out that Randolph was working for Loki, Magnus became enraged. When he saw his uncle go to Loki like a scared dog, he felt pity for his uncle. When Randolph was handing from the ledge, Magnus tries to help him and tells him that he still has family that care for him, Randolph declines the help and falls into the abyss.


Magnus is a Latin name meaning "great". It became popular in Scandinavia after the time of the 11th-century Norwegian king, Magnus I.

Chase is a middle English surname, an occupational name for a hunter. In Middle English the word "chase" means "hunt". 

When translated into their respective languages, "Magnus Chase" means "Great Hunter".


  • Magnus Chase is the cousin of Annabeth Chase, a main character from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus.[7]
  • In Chapter 2 of The Sword of Summer, it is mentioned that Magnus's birthday is on January 13th.
  • There's a Chase family inside joke that Magnus looks like Kurt Cobain.[6]
  • Magnus is left-handed.[2]
    • On the UK cover, Magnus is holding Sumarbrander/Jack with his right hand.
    • In The Hammer of Thor, Magnus mentions he had a teacher in second grade named Ms. Mengler who would tape his left hand onto his desk and force him to write with his right hand.
  • Magnus considers himself to be an atheist.(as mentioned in The Sword Of Summer)
  • Magnus' favorite colors are black and beige, while he hates the color blue.
    • This could be a nod at Percy Jackson, whose favorite color is blue.
  • When Magnus first got Sumarbrander/Jack he asks him if he will turn into a pen, but Jack vibrates in a way that suggests he is saying A pen sword? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
    • This is also a nod to Percy Jackson's sword Riptide that has a ballpoint pen form.
  • Much like Nico di Angelo, Magnus is extremely pale, and had a penchant for avoiding physical contact at the beginning of The Sword of Summer.
  • Magnus is a fan of Doctor Who.
  • Magnus likes to read. Before his mom died he had a collection of books, which were destroyed in the fire. While on the streets he spent time in the Boston Public Library.
    • Magnus' favorite authors are Stephen King, Darren Shan, Neal Shusterman, Michael Grant, and Joe Hill. His favorite graphic novel series are Scott Pilgrim, Sandman, Watchmen, and Saga.
  • So far Magnus has been to all Nine Worlds except Muspellheim, unless one counts briefly encountering Muspellheim in the elevator with Gunilla.[8]
  • Due to being a son of Frey, Magnus has a good relationship with horses (as they are one of Frey's sacred animals). Which Sam explains is why Stanley acted friendly towards Magnus.
  • Magnus has tried alcohol before his death, thrown up, tried it again and thrown up yet again.
  • Interestingly, Magnus and Percy Jackson share many similarities:
    • They have both been on quests to find stolen or missing weapons (Magnus went on a quest to reclaim the Sword of Summer and to find Thor's Hammer. Percy went on a quest to find Zeus's stolen Master Bolt and on another quest to find the Staff of Hermes).
    • Both have communicated with a potential enemy through their dreams (Loki and Kronos, respectively).
    • Both have a strong bond with Annabeth Chase.
    • Both have once thought of their parentage as a cruel joke.
    • Both have been offered a gift by a king of the gods but refused.
    • Both have good relationships with horses due to their parents (horses are sacred to Frey and Poseidon created horses).
    • Their presence have both been seen as bad omens because of a prophecy.
    • Both have crossed into other worlds (Magnus has been to five of the Nine Worlds, excluding Midgard. Percy has been to the Underworld, Olympus, and Tartarus).
    • Both have battled several giants (Magnus has killed three giants and have battled Surt twice. Percy has battled several Hyperborean giants during the Battle of Manhattan, killed Polybotes with help from Terminus, killed Otis and Ephialtes with help of Jason Grace and killed them again with the help Poseidon).
  • Magnus is the first pansexual character in Rick Riordan's mythological universe.


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