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This article is about Clarisse's second spear. For her first spear, see Clarisse's spear.

Maimer is Clarisse La Rue's second and current electric spear that only appeared in The Last Olympian. Its predecessor was broken by Percy Jackson in The Lightning Thief. Behind her back, everyone else calls it "Lamer" according to Percy.[1]

Percy Jackson and the Olympians


Clarisse with her first spear

The Last Olympian

It played an instrumental role in Clarisse's defeat of the drakon in The Last Olympian. When the campers were fighting the drakon, the drakon killed Silena Beauregard, angering Clarisse and spurring her to kill it. She jumped on its head and stabbed the electric spear into its good eye (Percy had maimed its other eye earlier) destroying both the spear and the drakon. This, in turn, fulfilled a prediction made by the clear-sighted mortal Rachel Elizabeth Dare that a child of Ares would kill the drakon.

Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

When Jason showed his weapon to other half-bloods at the camp fire and makes it transform into a lance and channel lightning, someone yelled out that it was even better than Clarisse's weapon, "Lamer", which is what they call Maimer when making fun of her spear.


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