Today is free-for-all combat. I love Tuesdays!

–Mallory Keen

Mallory Keen is Magnus Chase's Irish-born hall mate. She died trying to disarm a car bomb and ended up in Valhalla.[1]


Mallory Keen was born in Ireland. She died while disarming a car bomb and ended up in Valhalla.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

Mallory lives in the Hotel Valhalla, and is Magnus Chase's hall mate. She, along with T.J., Halfborn, and X, invite Magnus to breakfast with them. With icing sugar around her mouth, Mallory reminded Magnus of a reverse-color-scheme Joker. When the group enters battle practice, Mallory stays by Magnus' side until dying from an arrow through the neck.[2]

Mallory and her friends are recruited by Gunilla to help track down Magnus and take him back to Hotel Valhalla. While their attempt to get him in Midgard was failed by Hearth, the group successfully meets them again in Lyngvi. However, she and her hallmates side with Magnus over Gunilla, and aid him in defeating Surt. In the end of the book, she, along with Magnus, Samirah, T.J., Hearthstone, and Blitzen, are complimented by Odin as the true heroes of Valhalla. 

The Hammer of Thor

Mallory is first seen chasing her new hall mate with her boyfriend and T.J. when they run into Magnus. They search her suite and find the symbol of Loki. Before battle practice Halfborn was adjusting her armor, much to her annoyance. A murder of ravens come and bring their new hall mate to them. They are shocked that Alex is female, as they were told she was male. They head into battle against the dragons and she covers her hall mates during the mock battle.

At dinner, she sits with her hall mates as they talk about Magnus' dream about Loki. She, T.J., and Halfborn escort Alex back to their corridor after dinner.

During the wedding,She, T.J., Halfborn, Hearth and Blitz fight the giants. She and everyone else head back to Valhalla for a party to celebrate their victory.


Mallory is described as having green eyes and red, frizzy, hair. She has a shorter stature compared to her hall mates.


"She's a sweetheart, once you get passed the fact that she's a horrible person."

–Halfborn Gunderson

Mallory is shown to be brash with a minimal filter, saying whatever comes to her mind. This has her sometimes come off as rude, but getting past that, she's a sweet person.

As an einherjar, Mallory has developed a liking to battle.



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