Medea's Department Store is a department store run by the sorceress Medea. It was destroyed in an explosion in The Lost Hero.


There are polished steel elevator doors each engraved in a cursive letter M with a directory next to it. There are four levels and inside, it looks like the inside of a kaleidoscope. The entire ceiling was a stained glass mosaic with astrological signs around a giant sun. The daylight streaming through it washed everything in a thousand different colors. The upper floors made a ring of balconies around a huge central atrium, so they could see all the way down to the ground floor. Gold railings glittered so brightly, they were hard to look at. Aside from the stained glass ceiling and the elevator, there are no doors or windows, but two sets of glass escalators ran between the levels. The carpeting was a riot of oriental patterns and colors, and the racks of merchandise was just as bizarre. There's normal stuff like shirt racks and shoe tree mixed in with armored manikins, beds of nails and fur coats that seemed to be moving. In the middle of the atrium a fountain sprayed water twenty feet into the air, changing colors from red to yellow to blue. The pool glittered with gold coins, and on either side of the fountain stood a gilded cage- like an oversized canary cage.

The counter was crammed with bubbling beakers and smoking vials on tripods. The display shelves were lined with crystal flasks- some shaped like swans or honey bear dispensers. The liquid inside were every color, from glowing white to polka-dotted. Some smelled pleasant- like fresh-baked cookies or roses and others like burning tires, skunk spray and gym lockers.

There was a display case of swords and a hat that was made from enchanted raccoon fur. Its ringed tail twitched and little legs wiggled frantically when someone walks. There was also a Camp Jupiter t-shirt that looks like it has been clawed at by a tiger, a Camp Half-Blood t-shirt with a hole in the middle like it has been hit with a javelin, a dense bronze breastplate that is pitted with something that looks like corrosion acid, and a Roman toga that is slashed to pieces and stained with something that looks like dried blood. There was also the H-2000, a big oval oven that looked like a barbecue on steroids, that was hot enough to melt Celestial Bronze or Imperial Gold. There were also two large bronze sundials - each about the size of a trampoline - inlaid on the marble tile floor to the north and south of the fountain. There were also kennels for monsters such as Medea's sun dragons.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

They then reach Chicago and follow some wind spirits which go into a sewer. Leo sends Festus off but not before telling the dragon to come when he blows on a plastic whistle that he summons from his toolbelt. While camping in the sewers, Leo talks about his fire abilities, branding it as a curse, but Jason retorts and calls it a gift. After getting some sleep, they explore the sewer and find an elevator with a directory on its side. They ride the elevator to a shopping mall owned by a beautiful older woman who introduces herself as the Princess of Colchis.

Medea GN 2

Medea, the owner.

The princess invites them to shop for a while, and though Piper is immediately suspicious of her, Jason and Leo follow the princess's orders without fault. They then spot Coach Hedge in a cage where he is still frozen in a fighting stance. Meanwhile, the woman is impressed that Piper has not succumbed to her enchantment, and reveals that she is using charmspeak on the boys.

The princess orders Jason and Leo to fight each other and almost do so, but by this time, Piper has figured out who she is and tells the two: the princess is the sorceress Medea. Jason and Leo are still ready to fight though, and to weaken Piper's resolve, Medea publicly reveals that Piper's father is captured by the giant Enceladus. Piper, however, manages to snap the two out of their trance, and the three turn on her. In retaliation, Medea sets free two Sun Dragons, gifts from her grandfather Helios, which are easily defeated by Festus. They then escape with Coach Hedge and a cage full of venti in tow.