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Margaret "Meg" McCaffrey is a twelve-year-old demigod daughter of Demeter, living on her own in Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan. After Apollo had been forced to live as a mortal, Meg saves him from being mugged. When she learns that he needs to be a servant to somebody, in order to return to Olympus, she claims him.


Early Life

Meg was born to the goddess Demeter and Mr. McCaffrey, a mortal man. When she was five years old, the god-emperor Nero separated her from her mortal father, and proceeded to take in and raise Meg as his own daughter. Before leaving, her father gave her a rose which was supposed to be from her mother Demeter. When she was six, he killed her father for her being disobedient and crushed the rose, and indirectly blamed her for it. Through his sophisticated manipulation over the years, Nero was able to manipulate Meg into believing that he and the fearsome malevolent Beast were two separate people.

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

Meg threw trash at two muggers while they were mugging the former god Apollo. He then explains how his previous banishments have worked, and she claims his service, approved by Zeus with a thunderclap. Apollo feels that they are being watched and takes her to Percy Jackson's apartment. Sally Jackson gives her spare clothes. Percy decides to drive them to Camp Half-Blood.

The Nosoi follow them, forcing Percy to crash his car in an orchard. The trio try to fight off the Nosoi. Meg unintentionally summons a peach Karpos to fight off the Nosoi, who bit a Nosos's head off then proceeded to finishing off the remaining Nosoi, as they tried to retreat. Meg named the Karpos "Peaches". Using the western border, which is said to be wilder than the eastern border because of the heavily enchanted hills and woods, Meg, Peaches and Apollo made their way to Camp Half-Blood. She swings from tree branches and cartwheels through the mud. Apollo starts to hear voices when they reached the woods, causing him to collapse. Meg tried her best to reach Camp Half-Blood while bearing most of Apollo's weight and unknowingly talking to the trees to tell them to get out of the way. As soon as they reached the camp, Apollo passed out.

Will Solace mentioned that while Apollo is asleep, Meg poked Connor Stoll in the eyes and kicked Sherman Yang in the crotch. She and Apollo speak with Chiron about the recent disappearances of a few campers. That night at dinner as Sherman and Connor try to get revenge on her Peaches appears and slams Sherman's face on the ground and starts yanking out large chunks of Connor's hair. Soon after this she is claimed by Demeter. Billie Ng then takes her to cabin four. the Demeter cabin.

The next morning Apollo talks to her at breakfast. She says she had trouble sleeping in her new cabin due to allergies. He asks her where she received her siccae blades, but she tells him to stop. They are paired up for a race through the Labyrinth to find three golden apples, but get lost, during which they wind up below Delphi and overhear a conversation between Python and the Beast. She is terrified by the ordeal but Apollo drags her away and they find the last golden apple and return to the Forest. Their binds unlock and they run back to camp. 

The next day she, Apollo, Chiron and Rachel Elizabeth Dare head to the Oracle's cave where they talk about Triumvirate Holdings, an organization that has financially backed both the Titan's Army and Octavian during their respective wars with Camp Half-Blood. Apollo then says he has other Oracles and that one might be in the forest. The next day she and Apollo head into the Forest to find the missing campers. They come across a Palikos who they ask for information about The Grove of Dodona when they are attacked by a swarm of Myrmekes. After Apollo breaks his oath on the Styx to save himself (by playing a song on his ukulele to mesmerize the Myrmekes), Meg is taken away by the creatures. 

She is then freed by Apollo and after they get pass the Myrmeke Queen they reach the atrium of the Grove, where they are greeted by Nero, who reveals that he is Meg's step-father. Apollo tries to tell Meg that he is going to destroy the grove, but she does not listen. She then forces Apollo to help her open the gate to the grove where she realises Nero is going to burn it down. As Nero is about to set Austin Lake on fire, Peaches comes and stops him. She and Apollo run into the grove where he puts his wind chimes up and hears a prophecy. Meg frees Apollo from her services and says to do what he wants now before going back to Nero. 

The Dark Prophecy

She is seen often by Apollo during his "visions". In one of the visions Meg is with Nero. She is sitting in front of Nero as he commands her to kidnap Apollo. He sent her west along with two "companions", Vortigern, a huge and strong Germani, and Marcus, a kid that stated by Apollo, "...reminded me somewhat of Nico di Angelo..." to find Apollo.

Later in one of Apollo's dreams it is learned that Meg escaped from Vortigern and Marcus through a clump of dandelions. When Marcus and Vortigern are beheaded by Commodus due to letting her escape he sends Lityerses or "Lit" to find and capture her and Apollo.

When Calypso and Apollo are trying to free the Griffins from the Indianapolis Zoo they are then caught by Lit and would've died if not for Meg arriving and aiding in the fight. During the fight it is learned that Meg had saved Apollo and Calypso numerous times before. During the fight Meg commands Apollo to leave several times but he does not. Meg is struck in the side by Lit and soon afterwards saved by Apollo riding one of the griffins.

When back at the Waystation it is revealed that Meg still is unsure about her feelings for Apollo and Nero, though as Apollo tries to make amends with her in ridiculous ways it is shown through a few of Meg's reactions she still cares about Apollo. Meg is taken in by Hemithea and Josephine and had dinner with Britomartis, the goddess who gave Apollo his quest to free the griffins. Britomartis tells everyone that the entrance to emperor's (Commodus's) palace is under the Soldiers' and Sailors Monument, through a certain sewer grate.

After dinner Meg finds out about the Naming Ceremony. Apollo explains to her about what he plans to do, which include slaughtering thousands of animals and people and renaming things such as the city, it's inhabitants, the months, etc. Meg finds this very funny and says, "Commode City?" Before that point though no one had dared say the name of Commodus out loud. Josephine and Apollo warn Meg about the power of a name but she does not care and starts screaming his name as loud as she can and renaming some cities and other things to include his name. After screaming Josephine tells her she should not have done that, but Meg tells everyone that Nero had told her that Commodus is the weakest of the Triumvirate trio and that they can take him. Her saying Commodus' name out loud brings memories back to Apollo's mind and sends him staggering to the bathroom to vomit.

The next day Meg, Leo Valdez and Apollo start their journey to the monument. They take a pedal boat through the canal. Leo asks Apollo about what happened when he ran to the bathroom and he tells them both about how he murdered Commodus. Meg also tells Apollo that Nero took Peaches away from her saying that she didn't deserve a pet. Soon they encounter the Carthaginian water serpent. Leo also sees a golden sewer grate which is the secret entrance to the palace. The paddle boat is smashed to pieces and Meg, Apollo, and Leo are scattered. Leo gets to the gate and tries to open it up while Meg and Apollo try to hold off the serpent. The serpent then grabs Meg with its tail and starts to constrict. Finally Leo opens the gate. Apollo then sings in a godly baritone voice causing a nearby building to collapsed on the serpent, freeing Meg. Apollo then grabs Meg and pulls her into the grate which shuts behind them.

The group wads in the sewer for a while until they reach Commodus's throne room. The water ran through the throne room so they follow the water to try to hide. They overhear a conversation with Lit and a man named Alaric. They talk about destroying the Waystation and getting to the Cave of Trophonius, a cave in which one of Apollo's sons, Trophonius, inhabits giving prophecies which can drive people mad. The only way to heal the mind is by sitting on the Throne of Memory and writing down the Prophecy. After hearing the plan Meg, Apollo, and Leo go with the plan of rescuing the Captives, including Emmie and Josephine's adoptive daughter Georgina and finding the Throne of Memory.

Soon after they go on a search for the captives and Throne, and Meg uses chia plants to guide them. Later they reach a room holding the captives. However, when Georgina was freed, she screamed and cried upon seeing Meg, screaming "NERO! NERO!" at Meg and refusing to go near her.

After all the captives are free Leo and the captives try to get back to the Waystation to help defend it from the oncoming attack from Commodus and Meg and Apollo go in search of the Throne of Memory. Very quickly they find it and are ready to leave until Meg senses something and leads Apollo into an area filled with several deadly animals, warriors, and Commodus sitting in the grand spectator's area. Suddenly Apollo and Meg must fight for their lives, but Commodus stops the fight and reveals that Peaches, her Karpos, tied high up above the ground and ready to burst into flames. Commodus gets into a race car with a giant match stick like object stuck to the top of it and yells Meg that he will drive under Peaches, who's feet are covered in match striking paper, and set him ablaze. Apollo stops Commodus from driving under Peaches by riding an elephant into his path, during this Meg climbs up and frees Peaches.

After this Commodus calls some Germani to come and fight them. Commodus also tries to execute Lit but Festus and the Hunters of Artemis come and aid in the fight against the Germani. Meg and Apollo separate during this as Meg goes with some random Hunters and Apollo goes with Thalia Grace.

Meg and Apollo soon meet up at the Waystation. They talk for a bit until Josephine pulls Apollo way to help Georgina with the Throne of Memory. This whole time stays clear of Georgina so she would not scream. When the Oracle gives a message to Apollo through Georgina that he should come to the cave, he makes it clear that Meg must come too. At first light, Meg and Apollo leave in a Mercedes given to them by Leo. Meg asks Apollo to teach her piano lessons after the hearing of the oracle. When they reach the oracle entrance on the arrow of Dodona's instructions,they find Yales guarding the door. They cannot kill the animals as they are on the endangered monster list and will risk Artemis's anger. After drinking from the springs of Lethe and Mnemosyne, Apollo calls Meg to drink too but as there is no time she slips inside without preparing herself by drinking. After entering, Apollo mentions that they need honey cakes for feeding the snakes to which Meg mentions that he never mentioned it. After Apollo jumps into the pond of snakes in a fit of madness (due to the after effects of the liquids), Meg sings a song.The song happens to be the song that Apollo sings at the nest of the Myrmekes except Meg makes her own verses and sings about the rose she could not save and her fear of Nero.But as she sings the song, The Oracle of Trophonius rises and the prophecy is revealed to Meg. In a bid to save Meg's life and sanity, Apollo offers his own . The oracle then asks Apollo to burn down the cave so that the oracle will not fall into Commodus's hands. Bees swarm into Meg and deliver the prophecy and Apollo resuscitates Meg and sees visions. This renders the line 'forced death and madness to swallow'. After this, Apollo leaves with Meg and blasts the cave by tricking the Blemmyae who were loading a bomb and returns to the Waystation. They defeat the triumvirate's task force and Apollo defeats Commodus by turning into pure light and blinding them. After this, they figure out the prophecy with the rest. When they reach the part where it is written that they will need a cloven guide, Meg says she knows how. The next day, Meg summons Grover from a tomato patch.


When Apollo first met Meg in The Hidden Oracle, he described her as "small and pudgy", with dark hair chopped in a "messy pageboy" style. She wore black cat-eye glasses with rhinestones in the corners, and her outfit made Apollo think she was dressed like a traffic light: red sneakers, yellow tights, and a green tank dress. He also described her voice as "bossy and nasal".

After Sally Jackson cleaned up Meg and dressed her in more appropriate clothes, Apollo realised that she was a shockingly pretty young girl: her dark pageboy hair shone glossy from being brushed, her round face was scrubbed clean of grime, her cat-eye glasses were polished, and she wore new black leggings and a knee-length frock of shifting green hues, along with two gold rings that could transform into two Imperial Gold siccae blades. She also had an elfish springtime aura that reminded Apollo of dryads, and he noted that there was actually a resemblance between her and his first true love, Daphne.


Meg is brash but playful. She can also be tough and easily defends herself, such as when she fended off Cade and Mikey.

However, she also hides the more fearful side of herself. In fact, she is terrified of Nero to the point where she obeys him sourly out of fear of herself getting hurt or even worse. She closes up when people ask her personal questions.


  • Chlorokinesis: As a daughter of Demeter, Meg has absolute control over plants, manipulating them to a multitude of effects.
    • Plant Telekinesis: She is able to telekinetically manipulate fruits and vegetables, thus saving Apollo from two thugs.
    • Plant Sensitivity: She can sense the location of various plants with superhuman precision. This is seen when she was able to quickly detect the odor of a golden apple in the Labyrinth. She later claims to have the ability to "hear" trees growing.
    • Plant Teleportation: She can teleport using plants.
  • Culinary Arts: As a daughter of Demeter, Meg is a natural cook.
  • Karpoi Summoning: As a daughter of Demeter, Meg is able to summon Karpoi, like when she summoned Peaches.


  • Much like Luke Castellan, Meg is revealed to be a double agent of the series' main antagonist (Kronos and Nero respectively) near the end of the first book in one of the Camp Half-Blood series (The Lightning Thief and The Hidden Oracle respectively). However, it should be noted that unlike Luke, Meg was shown to be quite apologetic and hesitant when it came to her true allegiance.
  • Meg is the second demigod known to wear glasses, the first being Jason Grace.
  • She had a brief crush on Percy Jackson, but lost interest when he said he had a girlfriend.
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