Mekhit (also known as "Menhit" and spelled Menchit) is a minor lion goddess of war who currently resides in Sunny Acres and is married to Onuris. She was also called the Crown Goddess.


In Egyptian mythology, Mekhit was originally a foreign war goddess. Her name depicts a warrior status, as it means she who massacres.

When included among the Egyptian deities, she became the female counterpart of Anhur. It was said that she had come from Nubia with Anhur who had been her counterpart and husband there.

Due to the aggressive attributes possessed by and hunting methods used by lionesses, most things connected to warfare in Egypt were depicted as leonine, and Mekhit was no exception, being depicted as a lioness-goddess.

She also was believed to advance ahead of the Egyptian armies and cut down their enemies with fiery arrows, similar to other war deities. She was less known to the people as Crown goddess.

In the 3rd Nome of Upper Egypt, particularly at Esna, Mekhit was said to be the wife of Khnum and the mother of Heka.

As the centre of her cult was toward the southern border of Egypt, in Upper Egypt, she became strongly identified with Sekhmet, who was originally the lion-goddess of war for Upper Egypt, after unification of the two Egyptian kingdoms, this goddess began to be considered simply another aspect of Sekhmet. She was believed cut down the Egyptian armies' enemies with arrows at wars before they arrived.

The Kane Chronicles

The Throne of Fire

Mekhit was forgotten along with her husband, Onuris. Then Onuris disappeared. She was once very powerful but when Carter, Sadie and Bes go to the Fourth House or Sunny Acres they see her meowing, snarling and scooting along with no memory of her former glory.

The Serpent's Shadow

Mekhit is seen dancing with Onuris after the battle with the demons. She seemed much more happy and grounded when her husband was found.


Mekhit haves standard powers of a goddess. According to myths, she has hunting methods used by lionesses and she is described being very aggressive. She haves good fighting skills, probably as good as Bast's and Sekhmet's. Mekhit was believed to cut down the Egyptian armies' enemies with arrows at wars before they arrived, so she must be skilled at bow and arrows.

The Kane Chronicles
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