Monocle Motors was an engine company in Detroit run by the Northern Cyclopes Ma Gasket, Sump and Torque.

Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero


Leo Valdez, who defeated the Cyclopes.

Jason Grace, Piper McLean, and Leo Valdez landed there when their dragon Festus crash landed due to an attack in which Khione, the Greek goddess of snow, froze Festus's internal circuits. The Cyclopes caught Jason, then Piper—by imitating Jason's voice—while Leo was off looking for Festus. The Cyclopes knocked Jason out and beat him to a pulp. Leo found his friends chained upside down and about to be eaten but he defeated the Cyclopes by using the company's three robotic arms and his pyrokinetic powers. Though they were killed, they quickly reformed. By the time they reformed, Jason, Piper, and Leo escaped with Festus. It is unknown what happened to Monocle Motors after Leo killed the Cyclopes.


  • Monocle motors has a red eye logo.
  • According to Ma Gasket, Monocle Motors made weapons during the 2nd Titan war, but were forced to shut down because the war ended too quickly.
  • The cyclopes that run Monocle motors all have mechanical themed names.
    • Gasket: A seal which fills the space between two surfaces to prevent leakage;
    • Sump: An oil pan which is a reservoir for liquid to drain into;
    • Torque: A rotating force.
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