The Multnomah County Library is a library located in Multnomah County, Portland, Oregon. Ella the harpy once resided there, because she loved to read, until Percy Jackson, Hazel Levesque, and Frank Zhang rescued her from the blind demigod Phineas.

Multnomah in the Real World

Multnomah County Library is a public library system serving Multnomah County, Oregon, United States. Started in 1864, the system has nineteen library locations with books, magazines, DVDs, and computers. It is the largest library system in Oregon serving a population of 724,680, with more than 425,000 registered borrowers. According to the Public Library Association, it ranks second among U.S. libraries, based on circulation of books and materials, and ranks first among libraries serving fewer than one million residents. In this respect, it is the busiest library in the nation.

Ella harpy

Ella, a former resident of Multnomah County Library.

History of Multnomah

After Leland H. Wakefield began collecting funds in 1863, the Mercantile Library Association was started on January 12, 1864, with subscriptions by Portland's merchant elite. Judge Matthew Deady was one of the early founders, with financial support coming from those such as Henry Corbett, William S. Ladd, and Erasmus D. Shattuck among others. The more inclusive Library Association of Portland name was chosen, likely on Judge Deady's suggestion. The founders proclaimed "The library should forever be kept free of politics."

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