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But magic is neither good nor evil. It is a tool, like a knife. Is a knife evil? Only if the wielder is evil.

Hecate, to Hazel in The House of Hades

Hecate2 art

Hecate, goddess of magic

Mystioknesis, or reality warping, is the ability to control a natural form of energy, for example: creating snow, changing the weather, turning other people into animals, etc. Thus, giving it control over everything and everyone. Magic is a very complex and dangerous force as it gives control of natural energies in order to produce a needed positive change, but also could be used for evil purposes. Hecate and her children are especially skilled at this form of manipulation.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Sea of Monsters

When Annabeth and Percy wash up on C.C.'s Spa and Resort (run by Circe, a daughter of Hecate, the goddess of magic) Circe turns Percy into a guinea pig, along with several other people (including Blackbeard and his crew), using her potion. She offers Annabeth the chance to stay on the island and become an immortal sorceress like herself. Annabeth ultimatly declined. Annabeth then gives Percy, the guinea pig, and the other transformed humans some of Hermes' multivitamins, returning them to their normal selves.

The Last Olympian

Hecate associated herself with the Titans during the final battle of The Second Titan War. To prepare the battleground, she casted a spell around the entire Manhattan to decelerate time which, together with Morpheus' ability, prevented mortals from entering the place of battle.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero

During Medea's fight with Jason Grace, Leo Valdez, and Piper McLean, she showed her magical abilities, as well as boasted about how Circe taught her magic. During a meeting of all the cabin counselors, Lou Ellen magically removed Miranda Gardiner's nose from her face, and Miranda was trying to get it back. She failed until Chiron told Lou Ellen to give Miranda her nose back.

The Demigod Diaries

Son of Magic

Lamia and Alabaster C. Torrington both showed a high level of skill in this power as Alabaster was mentioned to be the most powerful demigod child of Hecate. They fought each other with incantations, and Alabaster was, at the end, about to destroy Lamia with a spell before Hecate separated them, not wanting her children to kill each other. Finally, Howard Claymore was returned to the world as a Mist form after he died, by Hecate. Lamia mentioned having crafted a spell that gave monsters the ability to smell demigods. Claymore stated that if you put enough power behind an incantation, it can come true. 

The House of Hades

Hazel uses it against Pasiphaë, manipulating the magic of the Labyrinth so she and Leo could defeat her.

The Blood of Olympus

Lou Ellen and the half-bloods of the Hecate Cabin were stated to be protecting Camp Half-Blood with magical boundaries to slow the impending Roman invasion.

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

The Athena Parthenos attempts to protect Camp Half-Blood from the relentless onslaught of the Colossus Neronis automaton (which is shown to be more than twice the Parthenos' height), but the colossus ultimately breaks through the protective border.


Known Users

Known Spells

Most of the spells (as seen used by Lamia and Alabaster C. Torrington) begins with a Latin word "Incantare" which means "To Enchant".

  • Gelu Semita (Path of Frost) - A spell that generates cold. It is a type of translocational spell, which allows the caster to make a path for themselves and ice is the method of travel which allows them to obscure their location, making it hard for their attacker to attack or anticipate their next attack. It also makes the temperature drop and get colder and hail starts to fall. 
  • Templum Incendere (Temple of Fire) - A fire-based spell. It does not affect the target personally. Instead the fire is set to the person's "sanctuary", whatever the target places the most faith in.
  • Stulti Carcer (Fool's Prison) - A spell that makes a person's legs feel like lead and glued in place. 
  • Aufero Sarcina (Remove Package) - A counter-spell used by Alabaster to remove all of Lamia's enchantments from Howard Claymore
  • Persequor Vestigium (Following Markings)- A spell that surrounds the caster with a collage of magical spells and radiates their entire body with power. 
  • Unnamed Binding Spell A very advanced spell which requires a lot of energy from the caster. It allows the user to imprison a target and bind it in a pile of black soil for eternity, which could prevent monsters from reforming.
  • Unnamed Time Spell - A spell that decelerates the flow of time. It was casted by Hecate to prepare the battleground for the Second Titan War.
  • Unnamed Sleep Spell - A huge spell casted by Hecate to sleep millions of mortals in Manhattan in order to prepare the battleground for the Second Titan War.
  • Unnamed Summoning Spell - A spell casted by Marie Levesque to summon the god Pluto


  • Circe's Potion - A potion that transforms a human, usually a male, into a guinea pig.
  • Medea's Sunscreen - A potion that makes a person resistant to certain types of fires and getting burned.
  • Blood from a Gorgon's right side - A potion that will heal any disease, possibly even lost memories.
  • Blood from a Gorgon's left side - A potion that will kill you very painfully.
  • Unnamed Blindness Potion - A potion that induces blindness.
  • Unnamed Insanity Potion - A potion that induces insanity.
  • Unnamed Sleep Potion - A potion that induces sleep.


  • In The Demigod Diaries story, The Son of Magic, Hecate states that it takes energy to cast magic and that Dr. Claymore's death and noble sacrifice gave her the energy to separate her two children.
  • In The Demigod Diaries story, The Son of Magic, Hecate states that magic cannot create something out of nothing, it makes use of what already exists.
  • In The Last Olympian, Silena stated that the bigger the spell, the easier it is to resist. If one wanted to sleep millions of mortals, they would have to cast a very thin layer of magic and sleeping demigods is much harder.
  • In The Demigod Diaries, The Son of Magic, Dr. Howard Claymore stated that incantations are a simple concept: if you say something with enough power behind it, it can come true.
  • Despite Templum Incendere being translated as Temple of Fire, the literal translation of the phrase means set fire to the temple
  • Mystiokinesis is one of the most versatile powers displayed in the series as it has the potential to replicate the effects of other abilities such as pyrokinesis and atmokinesis.
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