Nefertem was the Egypitan god of healing, the lotus, beauty, perfumes and aromatherapy, as well as being a minor sun god. He is the son of Ptah and Sekhmet (or Bast) and grandson of Ra. His name can be translated as "beautiful Atum" or "beautiful one who closes". Memphis was the main city where he was worshiped. 


Because of the water-lily flower opens at sunrise, Nefertem was associated with the rising sun. Nefertem was believed to help Ra by passing him the sun.In one myth, he was shown healing Ra's wounds as he aged with a water-lily. The lotus later became a sacred symbol of Egypt. He was sometimes shown as a lion-headed god because of his mother Sekhmet. That gave him the role of a war god. He later received the role of protector/guardian of Upper and Lower Egypt. He was later known as the "Restrainer of the Two Lands."

The Kane Chronicles

The Serpent's Shadow

He does not appear during any of the Kane Chronicles books, but he has been mentioned in The Serpent's Shadow. A healing balm, known as Nefertem's Balm was used by Zia Rashid to heal Carter Kane after he was attacked by Bloodstained Blade. It is named after Nefertem due to his post as the god of healing.


He has all standard powers of a god. As a protector god, he had the power to destroy, but also heal, being a god of healing. As a water god, he has power over water.


He was shown as a beautiful young man with lotus flowers on his head (like a crown).


  • His symbol is the lotus flower.
  • It was said he the Ancient Egyptians sometimes carried small statuettes of him for good luck. 
  • Ancient Egyptians used the lotus' qualities for medical purposes as well for the perfumes and adornment, which may have been the reason for Nefertem being associated with healing.
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