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Nemty and another god on his ferry

Tawaret mentions an old god called Nemty. He was the falcon-headed ferryman to the gods. His name means one who travels.

In Mythology

After Osiris had died, Set, his brother and murderer, wished to finalize the matter of the inheritance (a metaphor for the conquest of Lower Egypt by Upper Egypt, whose patron at the time was Set).

Set wanted to avoid interference from Osiris's sister-wife (and thus his own sister) Isis, who had accumulated a vast knowledge of magic (which she had used to temporarily revive her husband). Set gave orders for Nemty to deny her passage to a meeting of the gods, held on an island in the middle of the Nile.

Isis, however, disguised herself as an old woman and gained passage. For this error, Nemty lost his toes.

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