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As the name implies, this is an event which happens in The Hidden Oracle when Nero attacks Camp Half-Blood.

Nero along with two bodyguards used the Labyrinth to enter the Myrmeke's Lair. He intimidated Meg (Apollo's master) into ordering Apollo to open the gates that led to the Grove of Dodona. Nero had also taken five campers and a geyser god prisoner tied in cocoons to wooden posts outside the gates. Nero set fire to the grove and fled. Apollo unable to put the flames out. A legion of Dryads however came and summoned mud from the earth and were able to extinguish the flames before too much damage could be done to the grove but costing them their lives. Apollo was able to free his son Austin who started freeing the prisoners from the cocoons they were in. It was at this point Meg left going to Nero. While this was going on Nero's colossus had arrived and was attacking the camp. Apollo convinced the "Mama" Myrmeke to take him and the demigods to the camp grounds (which she and two other Myrmekes did). It was there that Apollo found the colossus destroying the rest of the camp.