Numerous gods, titans, and demigods have had different nicknames assigned to them throughout the two series:


  •  Dirt Face/Woman, (Old) Potty Face, Queen Dirt Face - Gaea



  • Corpse Breath, The Silent One, The Rich One, The Hospitable One - Hades
  • Barnacle Beard, Old Seaweed - Poseidon
  • The Messenger - Hermes
  • Beauty Queen, The Dove - Aphrodite
  • Mr. D, Old Drunk, Wine Dude - Dionysus
  • Mr. Bacchus, Lord Bacchus, Oh-Gods-Please-Don't-Kill-Me-Lord-Bacchus, Mr. B - Bacchus
  • Twin Archers - Apollo & Artemis
  • The Hot, Sunshine, Zeus's Golden Boy, Mr.Poetry- Apollo
  • Gray Eyed One, The Wise One, Zeus' best strategist - Athena
  • Big Jerk - Ares
  • Blacksmith of the Gods, Fur Face, The Forge - Hephaestus
  • Her Most Annoying Majesty, The Loose Cannon, Queen of the Heavens (given by herself) - Hera
  • Air Head - Zeus
  • Porky - Phorcys
  • Kate - Keto
  • Snow Princess, Our Least Favorite Ice Princess - Khione
  • Miss Wonderful, Cheerful, Grins - Akhlys
  • Harry Cleese, The Starbucks of Ancient Greece, Black Bottom - Hercules
  • Patron of Brides - Hebe
  • Trip - Triptolemus
  • Kym - Kymopoleia
  • The Lady of Nets, Divine Charioteer - Britomartis
  • The Beast - Nero
  • The New Hercules - Commodus



  • Boss, Camper Boy, Captain Salt Water, Jorgenson, Kelp Head, Mr. Optimism, Mr. Rule Flouter, Mr. Scholar, Pedro, Perry Johanson, Peter Johnson, Pierre, Poodle Boy, Prissy, Seaweed Brain, Water Boy, Aquaman - Percy Jackson
  • Annabell, Annie Bell, Miss Brainiac, Miss Princess, Owl Head, Wise Girl - Annabeth Chase
  • Pinecone Face, Tree Girl - Thalia Grace
  • Blonde Peter Pan, Blonde Superman, John Green, Lightning Boy, Lightning Man, Prince of the Universe, Son of Rome, Sparky - Jason Grace
  • Beauty Queen, Dumpster Queen, Pipes - Piper McLean
  • Fai, Klutz (Given to him by himself), Chinese Canadian Baby Man, Changeling Lord - Frank Zhang
  • Cursed Child, Haze, Miss Metal Detector, Favourite of Hecate, Witch Girl (was called in her old life), Miss Underground - Hazel Levesque
  • Death Breath, Death Boy, Ghost King, Zombie Dude - Nico di Angelo
  • Admiral, Mr. Spock, Repair Boy, Supreme Commander of the Argo II (self-proclaimed), Uncle Leo, Blue Bottom, Black Bottom the Sequel, Lord Tinker,Bad Boy Supreme, Super Sized Mcshizzle - Leo Valdez
  • Crotchkicker McCaffrey, Chia Girl - Meg McCaffrey
  • Drakon Slayer - Clarisse La Rue
  • Charlie, Beckendorf - Charles Beckendorf
  • Centurion Shish-kebab, Gwen - Gwendolyn
  • Golden Boy - Chrysaor
  • Hal, Mr. Cheerful - Halcyon Green
  • Kool Aid Freak, (Wannabe) Vampire - Dakota
  • Ghost King (by himself) - Minos
  • Nawaka - Ethan Nakamura
  • Rainbow Pony Dude - Butch
  • Groovy Love God - Zethes
  • Cal, Hockey Ox- Calais
  • Lit, Reaper of Men - Lityerses


  • Her Craziness, Witch - Medea



Other series

Kane Chronicles

  • Eye of Horus - Carter Kane
  • Eye of Isis - Sadie Kane
  • Eye of Anubis - Walt Stone
  • Lord of Funerals, Keeper of the Ways of Death, Death Boy, The Dog - Anubis
  • Eye of Ra - Bast
  • The Avenger - Horus
  • Evil Day (Secret Name), The Red Lord, The Red God - Set
  • The Star-Spangled Goddess - Nut
  • Bullwinkle, First from Chaos, The Evening Sun, Breath into Clay, Ram of Night's Flock, Divine Potter, Protector of the Fourth Gate - Khnum
  • The Great Female, Honeycakes (by Bes) - Tawaret
  • Collector of Pockets - Neith
  • Eye of Ra, Destroyer of the Wicked, The Great Huntress, Lady of Flame - Sekhmet
  • Slayer of Enemies - Onuris
  • She Who Hastens Birth - Heket
  • Poochiekins - Ammit
  • Uncle Vinnie - Setne
  • Lord of Isfet, Lord of Chaos, Serpent in the Dark, Fear of the Twelve Houses, The Dreaded One, The Hated One - Apophis

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard